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Spark Rising, a Build + Battle Sandbox, which combines the building mechanics from Minecraft with the battle mechanics from Star Wars Battlefront, now has a teaser trailer!

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Spark Rising, which is now live on Kickstarter, is starting to pick up steam. We launched a few days ago, and already raised $5K. So thx fans!

We also whipped together a teaser trailer showcasing some in-game footage. While we did create a trailer for Kickstarter, it's mixed with a bunch of talking heads, and I recognize how some people just want to see the game in action!

Overall, combat is inspired by the campaign mode from Star Wars Battlefront 2. You have massive battles going, the ability to swap out exo-suits to control which provide unique class-based weapons and skills, and multiple objectives to fulfill. It's exciting, dynamic and the main reason why you care about building fortress, creatures and weapons!

We're working on a new trailer that describes how the combat plays out. Stay tuned!

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