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Prepping for the next update, the dev team is going bonkers trying to fix glitches and bugs. But sometimes you just gotta laugh at them!

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We are in the home stretch with this latest update, which has taken several months to lock down since we completely refactored the game code with a whole new approach to terrain. But in the process, we also completely changed the way AI worked, and some other stuff. And in that process, we introduced some lovely glitches & bugs that we are attempting to squash. Some are major which we'll prioritize higher, others are pretty minor, so we'll tackle them gradually.

Taking care of bugs and such is never much fun, but such is the life of a game dev! But sometimes, you just gotta laugh at how funny some of them are. Just to keep our sanity in check!

Now there are systematic ways to tackle bugs. The most obvious is to try and reproduce them to see what triggers them. Other times, you are simply turning one feature on and off at a time to see if you can isolate what might be causing the issue. Every now and then, you gotta do some regression testing as well, as enough fixes to the code base could break something else that was working all fine and dandy before.

With such a small team, we try to tackle bugs along the way, rather than wait til the end of a sprint. This helps us avoid moving off of a newly implemented feature and later forgetting what impact it might have. It also helps that in early access via Steam, our early adopters have been very kind in sharing with us various issues that are cropping up for them. Sometimes, you need enough people on different types of machines trying different things to really get to the heart of the problem.

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