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An inside look at development of a couple of simple features for Spark Rising. We're creating more YouTube vids to showcase life as an indie game developer.

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Things are strumming along in game dev land for Spark Rising... though slowly in the last few months. We're been working on some core engine stuff and quite frankly, that stuff is pretty boring and slow paced. Optimization this... refactor that... We been posting blogs on development, even sharing concept art, but quite frankly using text and still images to convey what a game is about seems criminal.

But that's when we realized that maybe it can be fun. People seem to enjoy when we showcase more of our work, so we started to post up more videos. And it's kinda fun! And you seem to enjoy it. So we'll continue to do that more.

So the latest vids showcase the addition of a direction arrow, based on feedback that little visual cues can help guide your experience. The other vid is about game designer Cpaz who is now bold enough to venture into scripting/coding, and shows you how he's doing it. It's honest, candid, and a bit silly!

So check out our last few dev vlogs here. They ain't pretty, as we aren't great video production peeps, but we're getting better at it! Considering there are so many of you are YouTubers as well who are great at video production, if you got any advice, please share!

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