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Space Marines Unit List, more units will come later."It is better to die for the Emperor than to live for yourself".

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  1. Servitor;
  2. Scout Marine Squad;
  3. Chaplain;
  4. Space Marine Squad;
  5. Assault Marine Squad;
  6. Terminator Squad;
  7. Assault Terminator Squad;
  8. Force Commander;
  9. Grey Knights;
  10. Honor Guard Squad;
  11. Apothecary;
  12. Librarian;
  13. Rhino Transport;
  14. Land Speeder;
  15. Dreadnought;
  16. Hellfire Dreadnought;
  17. Land Speeder Tempest;
  18. Whirlwind;
  19. Predator;
  20. Land Raider;
  21. First Company Terminator;
  22. First Company Assault Terminator.
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