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Lets hear what our beloved Sound-Composer Daniel Pharros has to say about his work on our Soundtrack.

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Lets hear what our beloved Sound-Composer Daniel Pharros has to say about his work on our Soundtrack.Here is an example of his great work on "A Knights Dawn":

Also visit for more information to his awesome work.

Hi there! This is Daniel from the Knights of Soundtrack. And as you might have guessed from my company, I was quite happy to ride at the side of VisionaryX and provide music and sound effects for A KNIGHTS DAWN. The first music needed was the trailer, which made the desired direction pretty clear: Epic.

As inspiration, VisionaryX sent me tracks from nothing less than Star Wars Episode 3, Pirates of the Carribbean and Dragon Age. Quite a tall order, but your humble composer did his magic and I think our trailer does kick quite a few butts. It already establishes a few melodies for the remaining music, those being two ingame battle tracks and a menu track.

The battle music comes in two shades of intensity, and combines a little bit of Star Wars inspired march-elements and my humble take on the floating feeling perfected by Hans Zimmer. Plus: bagpipes, for which VisionaryX has a soft spot as it turns out. The menu track on the other hand was supposed to have a tavern slash market feel, and gave me a welcome excuse to play the hell out of my Irish Low Whistle. I added guitar, harp, percussions, a bombard and of course, bagpipes! You will find it in the game mixed with the ambience sound of a medieval market.

I am glad to be involved in this stylish game, and hope you'll enjoy my tunes,

Daniel Pharos
Knights of Soundtrack

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