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More information about amount of levels, enemies, bosses... And my own goal for this game.

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- 20 long and difficult levels
- 6 types of weapons with different specifications
- 10 types of enemies
- 3 types of dangerous and powerful bosses
- great midi-music tracks (like many MS-DOS games)
- graphics like wolf3d with own design
- excellent level design
- interesting storyline (cutscenes)

The levels are different and can be not too difficult and long or short and simple to complete. Some action takes place in megapolis, other in desert and the last action will be underground. All of these locations will consists of some sub-locations. Thats why the game will be not too boring like Wolf3D at some moment (this is opinion of some people, not mine). You can see only megapolis on screenshots. I don't want you to know how will be look like the other locations. Enemies are have their own classes: the soldiers, cyborgs, robots, titans and bosses. Some bosses will be very unusual to see in the game like this. The gameplay will be extremely balanced and you will have to use all gun types you collected (except the first simple blaster). Bosses are bosses. They are very powerful and it will be difficult to defeat them. Some bosses are consist of some amount of parts. So, this is all information I can post for this moment. Thank you for your attention! I hope you would like to play an oldschool first person shooter like this. See you later, friends =)

The goal of this game is to get maximum potential from Raycasting Game Maker (RGM) engine.

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