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'Point and click game that looks like what Tim Burton would design if he would be a game designer'

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While very popular in the 90s, point and click games are not something that fits in the trend of modern era gaming. With a small and committed team behind it, Bulb Boy was born to offer a novel point’n’click gaming experience where you have to solve puzzles and defeat monsters.We have drama, interesting physics, awesome graphics and an overall spine-tingling horror experienceThe whole action takes place in the Electric Forest in times that great changes are happening. Bulb Boy (a boy with a glowing head) soon discovers that the house he grew up in is now overshadowed with evil and ugly monsters. Even worse, Bulb Boy’s grandfather GRANDPAraffin and Mothdog, his trusted pet, are now missing.

As you have probably guessed by now, you will embark on a spooky adventure and solve captivating puzzles to reveal the twisted tale behind everything. The game rocks some old-school mechanics that mostly rely on using the mouse cursor to explore scenes and interact with objects.Turns out, Bulb Boy’s bulb-head is a very versatile tool and weaponStill in a Beta development stage, the game promises a gameplay that will revolutionize the genre with an interesting and fresh approach. During your adventures, you will learn new skills that will give you new possibilities to solve harder and harder puzzles.

Besides Bulb Boy’s main talents (his head lights up, can emit heat or electrical shocks, can be unscrewed and moved to light up different places), you will acquire some interesting skills like tossing your head into other bulb holders.Point and click game that looks like what Tim Burton would design if he would be a game designerWhile the gameplay promises a great deal, the graphics are hands-down the real stars, as they give this game a special appeal, and should be considered reason alone for checking this game out.

With an unusual and horror riddled atmosphere and some interesting ideas for the gameplay, we won’t say more, but this is a game that might just have the potential to be a future classic and is certainly worthy of your support.

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