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- Installation -

- back up in DeusEx\System if you really want to; it seems to redundantly
contain a bunch of text from DeusEx.u, overriding many of my changes

- unzip to DeusEx\System

- open DeusEx.ini in DeusEx\System and above the line that reads
add a new line with

- also in DeusEx.ini, make sure "DefaultGame" is equal to "DeusEx.DeusExGameInfo"
(if this pertains to you, you'll probably be messing up another mod by doing this step)

- open User.ini and make sure "Class" is equal to "DeusEx.JCDentonMale"
(if this pertains to you, you'll probably be messing up another mod by doing this step)

- Description -

Changes a bunch of details in DX to spiff up the game. Some things that have been changed
or added that aren't explained or necessarily apparent in-game are:

- You can now "duck-jump" like in Half-Life. Just crouch in mid-air and you'll be able to
climb onto higher things.

- You can reduce fall damage by pressing crouch half a second before you land, ducking
into the fall and absorbing some of the impact.

- If you run, crouch, and immediately press jump before releasing crouch, you'll long jump.

- Crouching and then jumping just after releasing crouch will execute a high jump.

- Dropping the combat knife at trained low tech skill or better will cause you to throw the

- Crouching with a rifle or heavy weapon will reduce recoil and scope view waver, and
increase the rate at which the weapon's accuracy increases while still.

- Damage dealt is converted to a number of skill points that go toward the next skill level
of the weapon used.

- If a part of your body takes enough damage, augs installed in that slot (excluding health
regeneration) won't work until you heal that body part sufficiently.

- An aug canister containing an aug you already have installed can be used to upgrade that
aug. A medbot is still required to do this.

- The spydrone can activate buttons and switches, use computers and keypads, and read
datacubes and other information devices.

- Charged items can be deactivated now.

- Ballistic armor and hazmat suit charges are reduced based on relevant damage taken as
opposed to idle use.

- IR goggles now 1: actually let you see people in the dark, and 2: allow you to see people
through walls a bit.

- Your swimming skill determines your weapon accuracy while swimming.

- Holding fire before throwing a grenade will cause you to throw it farther.

Besides those changes and additions, keep your eyes open and try different things. Some
bugs and logic have been fixed, though there's still some stuff I'd like to change sometime
in the future. There are also a few additions that are a bit quirky in a few situations.
Nothing major. Worst case, they just look kinda out of place. Also, don't bother trying to
play this in multiplayer.
- Version History -

- v0.2a

modified the install instructions for clarity and thoroughness
added a note about the swimming skill to the Description section

got rid of some accessed nones in DeusExWeapon.Tick() which were making the log file
become insanely HUGE and likely slowing the game down

fixed weapon reload bugs

starting a new game REALLY clears your inventory now

sniper rifle waver is no longer zero at low skill levels

changed progress bar colors from blue->fuchsia->red to cyan->blue->dark blue

having zero energy no longer prevents you from toggling augs that require none

firing the LAW while using its scope no longer leaves you locked zoomed in

health regeneration aug is no longer disabled by high torso damage

water blood should cause slightly less lag, and doesn't kill the beginning of the
ocean lab anymore (lots of carcasses in water there, blood now does not appear
in unrendered zones)

aggressive defense no longer defends against darts, flamethrower projectiles, etc.

ballistic armor degrades 4x as fast now
ballistic armor protection against explosion damage has been halved

AI now better acknowledges that headshots are quieter

you now have a quarter of the time to defuse mines
demolition skill affects the fuse of mines you place

tear gas looks nicer now
rather than killing you, tear gas now interferes with your vision and aim

dirty toilet water becomes clean when flushed

added sounds for:
-charging at a repairbot
-healing at a medbot
-installing/upgrading an augmentation
-drinking soda

firing the flamethrower no longer shakes your view

holding fire before throwing grenades makes them go farther

flareguns don't lose their fire sound after changing levels
mini crossbow dart texture now stays correct after changing levels with it selected

idle view wandering takes longer to kick in

you can no longer reload if your clip's full or if you don't have any extra ammo

firing the last 20mm grenade with auto reload on no longer locks the assault gun
firing bullets

JC no longer makes pain noises or drops decorations when damage is fully absorbed

you can now only use one of each charged pickup at a time

speed aug works properly now

EMP darts now affect turret guns (you used to have to shoot the base)

- v0.1a

first release

The people are propoerly credited in the read me

And I'm not the maker of this mod if there is any question, I am only the publisher

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