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Many thought they weren't ready for war due to their lowest technology... They'll surely regret that thought.

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Everything for them is low... Their technology, their way of life, their nation's size, even their name. But sometimes it's the lowest you have to watch out for. That is case of the Singapore Liberation Militia.

For them, it's not technology nor firepower that matter to them. It's intelligence and the will to fight. And even their leader, Supreme Fieldmaster Xian Ho Gui, has both of them and something more: Hope.

Freedom for the Allies is the right of ownership, right of possession and unjust fortune. For the SLIM, freedom is everything.


- ENGINEER: Also tasked with capturing enemy buildings and repairing the friendly ones, he goes for a different approach: His secondary skill allows him to disguise and enter the enemy buildings and disable them like a spy.

The basic infantry for the SLIM, the Militia Auto-Crossbowman is perhaps the weakest of all, being able of only hitting in numbers and can be killed even by Soviet Conscripts. As secondary mode, he can unleash a simultaneous wave of shots, in an Allied Peacekeeper style, but will take long to cooldown before firing normal again.

- CANNONEER: Effective against vehicles and aircraft, the Cannoneer's only problem is that he's too limited so much he needs to switch weapons to fire AA missiles. Not good against infantry.

- AMBUSHER: Remember RA2 Allied GI? It's the same, but the difference between this chap and the former Allied footman is the deployed weapon: A heavy mortar, fit for groups of infantry and vehicles only. Can't fire on aircraft.

- MEDICHANIC: A must for every SLIM player who likes to handle both infantry and vehicles. Unarmed while moving, he can deploy in a special tent that won't just heal infantry, but also repair vehicles, putting that good old Allied Engineer to shame. He's too weak however, so watch out.

A legendary hero for the SLIM soldiers, Xi Bei was a former Imperial Shinobi trainee, thus she maintains her famed sword and shruniken attacks. Buildings aren't safe from her, though, as her years serving the SLIM perfected far her ability to plant explosives, swim and even cloak, being only detected by War Bears, Attack Dogs and Burst Drones. Can't destroy vehicles.

- ORE CARRIER: One players will love to build and play with, as, like GDI's APC, it can carry units that fire outside as secondary mode!!! Vulnerable to anti-armor, though.

- MACHINE GUN SPIDER: A proof of the SLIM low-tech ingenuity, the Machine Gun Spider, much like the Forth Hover Crawler, is a pure infantry killing machine. As secondary mode, it can open it's back ports and unleash a three heavy gun burst from behind, but can't move, just turn. No protection against air units.

- GO VU BATTLE TANK: The mainstay for the SLIM armor, can only hold with numbers, but also has a reasonably good firepower. It's secondary mode is a smoke mortar that blocks enemy attacks in that area for some time. Can't hit air units.

- PROVISIONER WAGON: Meant for expansion purposes, players shouldn't count on them to expand build radius inside bases, as they're more expensive than other build radius expanding units, losing only to the MCW. Unarmed and slow too.

(WARNING: DON'T CONFUSE IT WITH GENERALS' CHINESE DRAGON TANK) The artillery unit for the SLIM. The Dragon Tank has a famed reputation not only for it's unique design, but also for it's firepower, as it unleashes a heavy flammable artillery round, similar to a fireball. As secondary mode, it has installed an ultra-poweful speaker that unleashes a roar capable of stunning enemy organic units. Can't hit air units.

- AA WAGON: The SLIM ground anti-air is known for it's rather peculiar way of firing, as it unleashes a fire-works like shot that damages multiple air units. Secondary mode will provide basic security against cloaked units, as they harbor a basic radar.

- HEAVY SUIT: The heaviest unit for the SLIM, rivalizing the King Oni, sometimes overpowering it. It carries two heavy cannons on each "arm", fit for destroying bases, but not good against infantry.

That basic faction MCV, that's unarmed, slow, expensive, and can travel through water.

- CARRIER STEAMCOPTER: The SLIM Twinblade, but un-armed. Used to travel infantry-loaded Ore Carriers and other vehicles. Very weak as well.

- STEAMCOPTER: The best SLIM air unit, players will get dependant on it. Capable of holding both enemy ground and air units using it's simple machine gun and anti-air cannons, it's secondary mode allows to use the cannons to attack ground armor, but at a very close range.

- STEAM FORTRESS: The SLIM's only aircraft, and very giant too, it hoards bombs for that usual bombing run. It's secondary mode is quite a favorite surprise catch, as it can make the bomber drop all bombs at once before even the bomber reaches the target, useful for catching enemies on your path, not needing all that micro.

- AIR DRONE: A more powerful anti-air unit, the air drone can utilize thrusters to move faster, but loses completely it's attacks. Doesn't work against ground forces.

- XI LO DESTROYER: A crossbow-like ship that packs two large guns with enough firepower to sink an Allied Assault Destroyer, but too slow for response. That's why it has secondary function that "closes" the guns, sacrificing firepower but raising speed considerably. Has a long cooldown to change between modes.

- AA FRIGATE: Being armed with a normal AA machine gun, the AA frigate has as secondary mode a reserve AA Wagon cannon that operates in the same way as it's ground partner, but it must remain stopped to fire.

- GUN BOAT: The basic ship for the SLIM, the Gun Boat can cloak itself and attack the enemy from behind. Good for hit-and-runs, but very weak.

- TURTLE SUBMARINE: A submarine and battleship in one, the Turtle Submarine is the favorite of all SLIM units, if you're playing in water missions, of course. While in submarine mode, it'll fire a volley of torpedoes in all directions, damaging all and any units around it, even friendly, so only use them when in secondary mode, which's an installed artillery battery, very effective against anything, except air units.


- TURTLE POWER (PASSIVE): All Turtle Submarines recieve a bonus in armor and firepower.

- ORE REFINING PROCESS (PASSIVE): All Ore Refineries produce a higher output of credits.

- MEDICHANIC EXTENSIVE TRAINING (PASSIVE): Increases the Medichanic's second ability area of healing.

Will increase the rate of fire of all Dragon Tanks, but will also slow them down.

- DEATH WEBS (ACTIVE): Same as the Fate of the Dragon protocol, but will diminish Machine Gun Spider armor for firepower.

- POWER PLANT OUTPUT (PASSIVE): Increases the rate of power production from your Power Plants to other faction's Power Plants normal output.

- FOOT FLEET/FOOT FORCE/FOOT FEARLESS (TARGET): The reverse of the Imperials' Emperor's Wrath protocol: Will reduce firepower, but grant absurd speed for all forces caught in the targeted area. High levels will increase the target area.

Calls for a long-range artillery strike that'll damage anything in the selected area. Higher levels will only increase the quantity of shots fired.

Will automatically create a large tunnel than the Transportation Network, where you can transport any type of unit (except air ones, of course), along with some reinforcements to secure the area. Level 1 will spawn only a small group of infantry and some Machine Gun Spiders, Level 2 will include Cannoneers and Ambushers, and Level 3 will include Go Vu and Dragon Tanks.


- TESLA HALO: A stolen Soviet experimental technology, the Tesla Halo was projected to protect and not destroy any structures or units inside the area of cover. Any projectiles or units that pass through the halo's barriers are vaporized by the thousands of gigawatts running through the ring. Doesn't affect friendly units.

- FIRE HALO: The SLIM original version of the Tesla Halo, the chemical radiation-based Fire Halo is more offensive than it's defensive counterpart. When launched in a target area, it'll desintegrate and spread in a wide area like a wild fire, damaging anything, even friendly units.

Known for it's beautiful, but deadly form, the Sunflower Assault is a wide group of small Fire Halo bombs that are launched from the Sunflower Facility and cover a far large area than the large Fire Halo. Takes too much time to ready to fire.


Nice. ^^

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Most of the names aren't very Singaporean. Some even sound Korean. Maybe you should get some Singaporeans to think of uniquely Singaporean names.

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Medici Author

I've tried searching for it everywhere. Believe me. Problem is, Singapore it's strongly influenced by chinese culture, so it's assumed names are also from chinese origin as well.

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still nice

so when is it due???

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Hi, a Singapore resident here. I'd just like to give my two cents regarding the SLIM.

The Sunflower Assault seems, well, rather random and out of place. If I may I'd like to put forth the Vanda Miss Joaqium, a local species of orchid and Singapore's national flower. Given the flower motif it seems more reasonable to make it a lesser superweapon, or the defensive one, but eh, it might work out offensively as well.

Another local cultural icon of ours is the Merlion, which is basically a mythical creature made of a lion's head and a fish's body.

For reference:

I have a few ideas in mind for a Merlion-like unit/structure. One, that it becomes a rather weird submarine which moves around like fish and shoots lazor beems/torpedoes/whatever out of the mouth. Two, that it is an advanced base defence for the SLIM, shooting high-pressure jets of superheated steam or whatnot (in keeping with the steampunk theme). Three, that it becomes the ultimate weapon, or the offensive superweapon, thought god knows what you can do for that.

Anyway, these are just some thoughts. Few free to use or refuse them.

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