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"Slender - The Gaze Of Horror", a scary-ass video game made by lukeberfiga and inspired by "Slender: The Eight Pages".

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"Slender - The Gaze Of Horror"
< developed by Luca Bersiga a.k.a. lukeberfiga >
< created with Unity >

Introduction to the game

"Slender - The Gaze Of Horror" is based on the famous horror game

"Slender: The Eight Pages".
My video game shares most of the elements of the original game, except that the main scenario does not take place in a forest but in an abandoned asylum.

Rules, controls & extras

The rules and goals of the game are basically the same as the original game, just like the game controls.

Regarding the extras, there are three different game modes and two very "cool" opponents :

"Night mode"

"Day mode"

"Super mode"


"Luca Bersiga"

Beware of scary Luca Bersiga... he's a bad guy, trust me XD

You can also try the "Horror vision", an awesome graphic effect that makes the gaming experience
way scarier.

Easter Egg

"Just find the right door
after collecting the right number of pages
and you'll get a nice surprise..." ahahaha XD

Secret Easter Egg (Slender - The Gaze Of Horror 2014)

Super Secret Easter Eggs in Video Games! Feat. Oddheader


This videogame is only available on Windows operating system for x86 systems (32 bit architecture) and x64 systems (64 bit architecture).

I recommend the following hardware and software requirements
to enjoy the gaming experience at its best :

Operating system - Windows 7 or higher
Processor ---> 2.4 Ghz or higher
Memory---> at least 3 Gb
Hard Drive ---> 200 Mb free
Graphics ---> good video card (at least1 Gb)
Audio ---> good sound card (at least 44100 Hz)
In addition, I recommend installing Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 or newer, DirectX 10 or better and latest video/audio drivers.

Health precautions

< 16+ >
This video game is highly not recommended for people who suffer from seizures or panic attacks.

Licenses & special thanks

Everyone has the permission to publish information or
to upload videos concerning this video game or its soundtrack.

Of course I'd really appreciate if you could be so kind to support me by putting my details in your videos, blogs, etc...

Many thanks to Chris Vile for letting me use his awesome font "Cannibal" and for writing a great article about my video game on his website :)

Chris Vile Official Site
Read the article on Chris Vile's official site

Thank you all SOOO much guys

for playing and supporting my video game :D
I really appreciate this :)
I wanna thank all the youtubers and the gamers so I'm sharing their screams and their amazing gameplays here on IndieDB :D

Official reaction compilation :

Slender - The Gaze Of Horror (2014 Reaction Compilation)

Here are the official trailer, the soundtrack and some cool
gameplays on YouTube :)

Enjoy, have fun and stay tuned for future news and gameplays ;)

Official trailer :

Slender - The Gaze Of Horror (2014 Final Version - Trailer)

Official soundtrack:

Slender - The Gaze Of Horror (2014 Soundtrack)

Some cool gameplays :

Markiplier - Gameplay

iTownGamePlay - Gameplay

Petangames - Gameplay

Bowlingotter - Gameplay

Orkun Işıtmak - Gameplay

POiiSED - Gameplay

Gam3rsBroth3rs - Gameplay

Pedro95 - Gameplay

VaporTheGamer - Gameplay

BigHouse - Gameplay

Shag Mother - 2nd Gameplay

EpicSheepGamer - 2nd Gameplay

Zalzar - Gameplay




lukeberfiga (YouTube)

lukeberfiga (Facebook)

Slender - The Gaze Of Horror (Facebook)

Download links :

2014 WINx86

Slender - The Gaze Of Horror (2014 WINx86)

2014 WINx64

Slender - The Gaze Of Horror (2014 WINx64)

2014 OST

Slender - The Gaze Of Horror (2014 OST)

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