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The backstory and introduction for our upcoming game Slave RPG.

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The year was 2008, and the housing market had just crashed.

Feeling scared for their lives and worried for the sake of their families, the people of Mineral Pool, Texas came together and held a town meeting to decide what needed to be done about money lost. They came up with an ingenious idea to take the large number of illegal meth dealers in the town, and combine them into one large meth producing force. After doing this, the people would sell unaccounted pounds of meth to the local cartels and split an equally distributed profit.

While it was a rough start and change in direction, with the combination of the ever growing popularity of marijuana the idea quickly erupted, and for several years worked almost flawlessly, turning this small town in Texas into one of the wealthiest cities of all time. The success of Mineral Pool sparked many other city wide drug producing forces around the country and when riots begin breaking out against government laws and regulations, people feared the worst. A second civil war broke out across the nation and with it, a third global war. Nuclear weaponry was reproduced for the first time in years and was inevitably used, leading to the largest death toll in any war. With the loss of any proper government control, the surviving societies found themselves stuck in a lust for control, and just like that, the slave market was reborn as indentured servanthood and slavery eventually took over worldwide.

The apocalypse did little to stop the capitalistic mindset of the former residents of the United States, and in order to keep the indentured servants at bay, the drug producing forces formed militias and continued to reign control of specific regions across the country. In an attempt to keep slaves working at maximum efficiency in the Texas wasteland, they are allowed to roam freely from town to town, with only the wild creatures to keep them at their wits and in line.

The wide use of nuclear weaponry affected the genes of many people and their offspring, creating a new generation and wave of racial dispute across the land. The different mutated were given different names from place to place, but the always ironic homeland generation had a tendency to name these mutated humans after what they remember from their older fantasy films and video games. In the Texas wasteland, the larger mutated became known as, "Orks, " while some of the more fragile and pale became known as, "Lich." The shorter and scrawny population became known as, “Half-Pints,” the stockier people became known as, “Dwarfs,” and the less fortunate that were significantly disfigured by the nuclear fallout simply became known as, “Mutants.”

The races born of deformity have been classified into three main categories by the remnants of civilized society. The humans are classified as Arhat, as they were the least affected by the nuclear radiation. Half-Pints, Orks, and Dwarfs are all classified as Dukkha, since their only deformities deal with their physical size. While the Lich and Mutants are generally seen as subhuman and classified as Sunyata, due to their large amount of both physical and psychological mutations.

The year is now 2045, slavery is still going strong and keeping a somewhat stable economy, but with the mass amount of radiated abandoned houses, the rats living in them have evolved into monsters of wild proportions. Now slaves are being used as modern day gladiators to fight off these beasts, and entertain the rich.

This is your story.

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