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I have found an Articel about Rise of Rapture at its just funny and interesting what this great site talking about Rise of Rapture but its true so please check it out.

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Seems there’s barely a game in existence modders don’t want to turn into… well, something else. Most of these are pretty obvious exercises in directionless wish-fulfilment – ‘And For Christmas I Want The Best Game Ever’, if you like. (Witness the amount of projects on ModDB trying to transform everything into Call of Duty.) Rise of Rapture is an interesting one in that it’s an inspired, if very peculiar mashup which attempts to bring the crumbling underwater art deco utopia of Bioshock to the chunky real-time strategy of Warcraft III. No, seriously.

After the team apparently burned out on the project late last year, modder Grievous1 has resurrected it. A recent post on ModDB announces various tweaks, new models, units and bug fixes are being worked on. No downloads or videos, and there’s no guarantee it won’t simply go belly-up all over again but personally, this is one piece of wish fulfilment I’d actually really like to see come to fruition. Bioshock 2 pretty much was a long-form game of Defence of the Ancients, after all. Rapture rendered as a Warcraft map looks surprisingly appealing – the Big Daddy’s giant boots and shoulder pads feel right at home – and it doesn’t take much of a mental leap to imagine the rest of the city, security bots, Splicers et al modelled in Blizzard’s super-deformed, slightly cartoon aesthetic.

(Though if Grievous1 ever got the mod voiced I’d guess hearing ‘Okay, Mister Bubbles!’ every time you clicked on a Little Sister would go from endearingly creepy to infuriating very quickly indeed.)

Rise of Rapture’s ModDB page can be found here.

for the orginal Articel written by Matthew Lee please visit this

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