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This article explain different weapons you can find during the game.

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During the game, Syro will find some bonus that make her meckanical arm-gun able to shot in different styles.

Is the normal meckanical arm, basic asset when you start the game or you recovery from death. Normal fire with single bullet each time you press the button (no limits of bullet on the screen).

Very powerful gun, with this on her arm, Syro can make explode a great part of enemies with a single shot, but she can shot only a bullet at the time (one bullet limit on the screen, be careful using it, you need a good sight).

Syro, with this asset, can have the firepower of an uzi in her arm, multiple bullets keep on pressing the fire button, very useful for the one who don't care about sight, but be careful, you need lots of bullets to destroy an enemy.

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