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This will be the last Feature for some time, as we`ll focus more into actual developement instead of presenting our game here (while still check & write comments daily). However, many people asked me what the gameplay is really alike. Good question. Let`s go...

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Our tagline for "Into the Dark" is quite shady in its claims. Many of you have read the sentences

"We got puzzles, as this is an adventure. But this is also a shooter. And it is an RPG (at least in some special moments). This is really unique - and crazy like hell."

and asked yourself what that shall mean.

OK, I`ll try to explain: We got a storyline that explains why the player entered the first level (a small cabin in the woods) and it also explains why he wants to get out of there as soon as he realizes that there are monstrous creatures and soldiers and fights between - obviously - different factions (not only men vs. monsters). He`s no hero. He can handle a gun and is smart, but definately not a kick-ass killer or supersoldier.

The first level explains INGAME why the players char cannot exit the same way he entered. He has to find another one - and this brigns him deeper and deeper into the secret, huge underground facility that he had entered by accident.

The gamplay can be cut this:

1. Player enters new area, consisting of halls, hallways and 8 - 20 rooms each.
2. Player has to find a exit other than the entrance through which he entered.
3. He has to get there alive, which brigns him to the next area - and closer to the exit.

So where are Adventure, Shooter, RPG?

Lets start with the shooter element. You can solve every single level by going postal, collecting every key, pushing every button and killing everything in sight. If you follow the hitns and warnings, you will find the exit. But this approach will often lead you into a zombie-flooded pit, the breeding hive of the mutants or in a ready room full of US mariens armed with M4 assault rifles and confusing you with an enemy.
You can survive this one and the master the game, but it will be very tough. In reward for being such a lunatic triggerhappy player, you`ll get the best weapons and most ammo if you play this style.

The Adventure

You can also obey the warnings, that won`t only tell you where it is dangerous, but also, were less monster-flooded pathes can be opened - if you solve some puzzles. This can be easy stuff like opening a statuette to push a trigger, re-wiring electrical contacts in order to make machinery open. But it can be also quite sophiscated stuff like findign a way to flood a certain area to exactely that point where you can swim up to a hidden exit without flooding everything so much that you will be drown anyway. And yes, you can craft your own bombs. We had that code very basically working in spring / early summer, this video (although graphically inferior, it was the old exe then) shows it pretty good:

Again: This is not the GFX quality the final game will have, nor is the awful Mission log HUD in any way representing what it will look like in final. However, the mechanics are pointing to the right direction.


This is only very basically implemented ,we don`t have any itnentions to make a "real" RPG out of it. However, there are certain skills that can be learned. Shooter-styled players will get stronger melee attacks and more precision in headshots e.t.c.
People who solve certain physics / chemistry puzzles, get a bonus on the next one. As an example: If you have analyzed the C4 / Thermite package in level 1, you`ll have twice the chance to find salpeter and carbon for your bomb in level 2.

What is it now, a shooter, an adventure or an RPG?

It`s a genre mix. You can`t get to the end without fighting, and you can`t get to the end without solving puzzles. But in every single level you can make a choice how to play it. And this sometimes even alters the level architecture on the fly ;)

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This game's genre:



So keep watching guys hahaha!

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IvanErtlov Author
IvanErtlov - - 342 comments

Actually "horror" is a theme and not a genre.

And RPG won`t be that prominent, just a few skills to level up ;)

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stupidgamedev - - 240 comments

Thanks for the correction hahaha, hey fpsc is updated to 1.19 will you test it? However some already found bugs.... Maybe I will stick with 1.18 for now...

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stupidgamedev - - 240 comments

Ivan do you know how to set up a web server?

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