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This is the Changelog of Shadow of Fear - all improvements, features and updates are listed below. Shadow of Fear 8828 alpha was build on top of 88'Flak.

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Shadow of Fear Changelog by Category
Actual Version 2.0 build 8842 RC4

-> A full changelog can be found here <-
Gameplay changes

  • greatly improved AI
  • hide and seek Mission (missions to do over several Systems with several sub Missions)
  • 20 Story driven new high looting wrecks placed in special Zones (riddles have to be cleared, reputations altered and hints followed to find them) one of these Wreck Spots actually is a Fleet of 29 Wrecks.
  • Wingman Support
  • Faction Support
  • "New Player" protection by token System can not be harmed when flying 2 types of Ships but also can not harm other human Players
  • undocking kill protection
  • Bots 30+ different Bots are helping or hunting you
  • Mass effects per Solar/Ship/Equipment/Good
  • "player looting"
  • death penalties (also partly transfered to the winner of a pvp)
  • Player dockable Carriers
  • Player location infos
  • Player Storage
  • Player driven Bountyhunt
  • Players can build Items
  • Player Banking System
  • Player Item Transfer
  • Reworked kill Statistics
  • New Ranking System
  • Group Marks on Targets
  • Player Marks on Targets
  • Fuel consuming jump drives (not activated yet)
  • and, and, and

Technical changes

  • FL Flak Hook 1.67
  • System Channels cancled (you are chatting in the Universe Channel)
  • several new Intro Sequences

new Factions

  • United Stars Organization
  • United Stars Military
  • Alliance
  • Alliance Military
  • Coalition
  • Coalition Military
  • DOM
  • DOM Military
  • Faction related Stories told by the Freelancer way in Rumors
  • hundreds of new Rumors per Faction
  • Reputation is also harmed in pvp
  • Token System
    • buyable Tokens change your Affilation making you to a real Part of the Faction you want to be in:
      • all major Houses
      • most pirate Factions
      • most coorporations
      • all new Factions


  • HD Starspheres
  • HD Icons
  • HD Freelancer Planets
  • HD Music
  • new rendering Sub System
  • Navmap improved
  • new Cursor Set


  • working 3D Sound
  • new Sound effects
  • New Music in the new Systems
  • New Sound Zones


  • Itano Circus Effects
  • new stunning Jump Effect
  • new Tradelane Effects
  • new Egine Effects
  • new Weapon Effects
  • new Light Effects


  • 30+ new Commodities
  • upgraded mining profits
  • dangerous but valuable Super Routes
  • Credit Chips for paying Missions or store money


  • 50+ new Weapons
  • completly rebalanced Weapon behavior matching the Ship types


  • 199 new Stations
    • additional 73 Player Stations for player dockable Ships with buyable Equipment while transported by your buddy
    • Every vanilla System contains special Playerstations where new stuff can be bought.
    • Nomad Stations in every vanilla System
    • hundreds of new NPC's buying, selling and telling thounsands of Rumors


  • dockable Capships
  • dockable Transporters
  • +22 new USO Ships (several of them are Player Carriers)
    • Viper USO military LF
    • Cobra MK I USO military HF
    • Cobra MK III USO military VHF
    • Krait USO civilian LF
    • Sidewinder USO civilian HF
    • Python MK I USO civilian VHF
    • Mamba USO civilian LF
    • Gecko USO civilian HF
    • Fer de Lance MK I USO civilian VHF
    • Freighter civilian
    • Transport civilian
    • Battleship KOL military
    • Cruiser KODIAK military
    • Gunboat KROSOV military
    • Military Very Heavy Fighter ASP MK II
    • Military Heavy Fighter Constrictor
    • Military Light Fighter Viper Interceptor
    • Repairship
    • Mining Ship
    • Gunboat Javelin military
    • Corvette Cobalt military
    • Dreadnought Marza military

  • 1+ new Alien Ship
    • AOran'sctko Alien Light Protection Fighter (NPC only)

  • 2+ new IMG Ships
    • Spectre IMG civilian LF
    • Arrow IMG civilian HF

  • 3+ new GMG Ships
    • Nova VHF
    • Discoverer HF
    • Buster LF

  • 2+ new Interspace Ships
    • Buzzard LF
    • Cargo Tanker XL Transporter

  • 3+ new Outcast Ships
    • Nova Pirate VHF
    • Discoverer Pirate HF
    • Buster Pirate LF

  • 3+ new Coalition Ships
    • Lagg LF
    • Basilisk LF
    • Hornet LF

  • 1+ new Admin Ship
    • Asgard Admin HF

  • +43 new flyable "normal" Ships
    • CSV
    • Escape Pod
    • Train
    • Prison Liner
    • Luxury Liner
    • Heavy Lifter
    • Large Transport
    • Small Transport
    • Mining Ship
    • Repair Ship
    • Armored Transport
    • Rheinland Battleship
    • Rheinland Cruiser
    • Rheinland Gunship
    • Rheinland VHF Harlequin
    • Order Battleship Osiris
    • Nomad Battleship
    • Nomad Gunship
    • Nomad Fighter
    • Liberty Dreadnought
    • Liberty Cruiser
    • Liberty Gunboat
    • Liberty VHF Liberator & Liberator MKII
    • Liberty Predator
    • Kusari Battleship
    • Kusari Destroyer
    • Kusari Gunship
    • Kusari VHF Hydra & Hydra MKII
    • Dragon VHF
    • Diablo HF
    • Heretic LF
    • Katana LF
    • Serafina Fr
    • Mule Fr
    • Starblazer
    • Startracker
    • Bretonia Battleship
    • Bretonia Destroyer
    • Bretonia Gunship
    • Bretonia VHF Covenanter
    • Depot

  • -> of course everything above in addition to the whole Freelancer Fleet!
  • +7 new Ships - Type pursuit LF (additional Vanilla Light Fighter with new class behavior)
  • HD Freelancer Ship Textures
  • all Freelancer Stations (20+) player flyable
  • all Freelancer Support Ships player flyable
  • all Freelancer capital Ships players flyable

  • general Ship behavior for following Types
    • Freighter
    • Transporter / Transporter XLarge
    • Trains
    • Support Crafts
    • pursuit Light Fighter
    • Light Fighter
    • Heavy Fighter
    • Very Heavy Fighter
    • Gunship / Gunboat
    • Cruiser / Destroyer / Corvette
    • Battleship / Dreadnought / Battleship XLarge
    • Station

  • 88Flak Ship behavior completly reworked
  • several new Harpoints for every Ship
  • Light Maps

Special Equipment (lootable and buildable)

  • 9V Battery
  • Advanced Generator
  • Advanced Scanner
  • AMS (Tractor)
  • Anti Camp Shield
  • BFG
  • BFS
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Bubblebob!
  • CAP.GEN I - X (10 different Parts)
  • CTS
  • Delivery
  • Frying Pan
  • Generator
  • Hurricane
  • ID5
  • MTU
  • Nomad Dyson Turret
  • PDS
  • RED
  • REGEN BLOCK MK I - X (10 different Parts)
  • X800
  • Dreadnought Shield
  • Transport Shield
  • Gunboat Shield
  • Cruiser / Destroyer Shield


  • +60 6 sided different HD Planets in the new Systems
  • HD Freelancer Planets


  • +12 Sun Surfaces


  • +14 new and heavily populated systems
  • +3 arena systems
  • +3 task systems
  • Entry System "The Nexus" leads to every major House choosable Faction Status before the Game is entered


Upgrade 8842 RC3 to 8842 RC4

Category: Maintenance Release 8842.4 via Installer

  • 20 Story driven new high looting wrecks placed in special Zones (riddles have to be cleared, reputations altered and hints followed to find them) one of these Wreck Spots actually is a Fleet of 29 Wrecks,
  • The MP Entrance fee for the contest systems was reduced,
  • Navigaton Map Update,
  • several new Zone Sounds,
  • Server sided improvements,
  • several solar object fixes,
  • several Wreck Infocards updated,
  • Buzzard Surface reworked,
  • Lagg Surface reworked (thanks to Erzengel for the investigation),
  • Basilisk Surface reworked (thanks to Erzengel for the investigation),
  • 90 Models fixed for a better Game Performance,
  • Capital Shield mounting/dismounting bug fixed,
  • Zoners Token fixed,
  • Heretic, Diablo and Predator suspended (due to Game balance),
  • Harlequin and Covenanter suspended (bugged - NPC's are still using the Ship),
  • Battleships are able to mount Cruiser and Gunboat Turrets now (usefull for AF Turrets on Battleships),
  • Torpedo hull damage halved, energy damage set to zero (meaning: no shield damage on torpedo impact anymore but your ship will be pushed dependend on it's mass),
  • several Ship Dealer Pictures added,
  • Vanilla Wrecks completely reworked - they loot much more now,
  • Completely reworked ranking System,
  • Repair Ship is holding 499 batteries and nanobots now,
  • USO Repair Ship is holding 999 batteries and nanobots now,
  • USO Repair Ship lost it's active turret mounts due to a possible exploit,
  • All(!) Radiation Zones reworked by Hackenbusch,
  • Liberator (Defender IIa) (HQ FL Model) is replacing the 88'Flak Liberator while the old one will kept in for NPC's,
  • Hydra MK II (HQ FL Model) is replacing the 88'Flak Hydra while the old one will kept in for NPC's,
  • DirectX 9 Interpreter update,
  • several typos fixed
  • Base Version for 8843

Upgrade 8842.1 to 8842 RC3

Category: Maintenance Release 8842.3 via Installer

  • Fighter Turret Slots unhidden on military Fighters contains various new possibilities while equipping these ships.
  • NavMap updated
  • Capital Ships are now able to move in Turret view (via arrow keys for example) while still keeping their "move to the position where the player is looking to" behavior.
  • Color changings for certain text messages
  • New and updated packing library for faster crc checking
  • New and updated effects, enb library updated
  • several Text Informations updated and renewed
  • several ship behaviors fixed
  • Tradelane dock range changed to a nearer distance, so small ships may dock smoother but capitals are still able to dock the lanes.
  • Electra wrecks changed so they take damage now.
  • Fixed a few unwanted Superroutes so trading may become not that easy anymore.
  • The pathfinding system is working now.
  • Cobra MK III, Fer De Lance MkI, Javelis and Cobalt updates and fixes
  • Constrictor is not crashing the client when purchased anymore.
  • Basilisk is not crashing the client when purchased anymore.
  • Hundrets of Rumors was reworked by Grampahun
  • Electra, Irkutzk and Dublin updated
  • Jettison Bug fixed.
  • Server related updates.
  • Version updated
  • Nova VHF
  • Nova Pirate VHF
  • Discoverer HF
  • Discoverer Pirate HF
  • Buster LF
  • Buster Pirate LF
  • Buzzard LF
  • Coalition Hornet LF
  • Cargo Tanker XL Transporter
  • Asgard Admin HF
  • Cloaking Devices are mountable and reworked
  • Usage of Cloaking Devices in Single Player
  • Player friendly Market File
  • Admin Station
  • Credits Directory with several files
  • New Installer with a much higher packing ratio
  • a few Adminnew, related Weapons
  • rework of Soryns Ships to get proper mount points
  • complete rework of the Coalition Colony Ship
  • fix of a few Death Zones
  • USO Stations now have Depots near
  • a few Effects updated
  • more player friendly loot settings
  • new Planet for testing purposes
  • Start of the Coalition Sector
    • +10 new Planets
    • +Colony Ship as Station
    • initial Story Start
    • new Coalition LF Fighters
      • Lagg (M)
      • Basilisk (M)
    • initial Coalition special Market
    • +6 new Music Tracks
    • initial Coalition LF Engine
  • Main screen reworked
  • new Cursor
  • skipped the Missions again (to hard even in lowest settings)
  • Titan VHF settings reworked
  • Player buildable Station Mod initialized and activated for later use
  • Freelancer Ship Yard II
  • several death zone updates

Upgrade 8841
Category: Initial open Beta III Release

  • Shadow of Fear got it's own Installer.
  • HD resampled Music implemented.
  • A new and reworked Hook version is running (ofc. 88Flak compatible).
  • Several lootable commodity parts for item build support.
  • New and buildable: Weapons (25+), Power Generators (15), Shields (15), Shield Generators (15), Scanners (5), Tractors (5)
  • New Interface bars to adjust settings more detailed.
  • Looting System reworked, loadouts of all ships and solars reworked.
  • Marza and Kol updated.
  • New Bot Nomad Gunboat to make certain bots stronger.
  • USO Refinery and Tradeport updated.
  • 14 Systems updated.
  • Shadow of Fear dll content reworked (beta).

Update 8840
Category: Development Update

  • The second set of USO Systems are playable now - contains 3 new USO Systems with unique locations, Rumors, Ships.
  • Shiparch 2.2 by Chris initiated
  • all USO Ships (22) are buyable now, for some of them you need to get a key to the stations holding them.
  • rwork of all damage Zones
  • new HD Icons by Hrimthur
  • fixes
  • Travelling Systems are now leading to Alaska (+4 Systems +2 bases), all Alaska tokens are out of order, you may sell or jettison them.
  • Numeric Display of strength is present now (Adoxa)
  • new wrecks with rare ship upgrades are present in the new Systems
  • Capital Ships Kol and Kodiak was updated
  • New Solars, Starspheres, Suns and Planets

Update 8839
Category: Development Update

  • Maia Development Release including unique loactions
  • Shiparch 2.2 by Chris initiated
  • New Ships Rollout
    • USO Military Very Heavy Fighter ASP MK II
    • USO Military Heavy Fighter Constrictor
    • USO Military Light Fighter Viper Interceptor
    • USO Repairship
    • USO Mining Ship
    • USO Gunboat Javelin
    • USO Corvette Cobalt
    • AOran'sctko Alien Light Protection Fighter (NPC only)

  • several Dock Mounts of Stations fixed to the 88Flak style
  • new Traderoute for Alien Goods
  • Taygeta fixes
  • new crosshair set

Update 8838
Category: Development Update

  • Taygeta Development Release
  • Sterope -> Taygeta Jumpgate locked
  • Shiparch 2.0 by Chris initiated
  • New Ships Rollout
    • USO Fer de Lance VHF civilian Fighter
    • USO Gecko HF civilian Fighter
    • USO Mamba LF civilian Fighter

  • several minor fixes
  • Marketfiles partly reworked

Update 8837
Category: Bug Fix

  • Installation Issues fixed for new installed Clients
  • Version enumerating for exsisting Clients

Update 8836
Category: closed Beta 2 maintenance, rollout and improvment Update


  • USO Refinery Dockmount updated
  • Nikopolis Bar Background changed to match the System
  • Gramps Mining Station Asteroid exclusion Zone initiated
  • Added HP Baydoors to every custom Ship to avoid crashes while dropping internal Cargo
  • Vanguard Wreck changed so it matches both wrecks, vanilla and SoF
  • Warna Bar Background changed to match the realistic System Enviroment
  • Cobra MK I Wireframe reworked
  • Memphis Bar Background reworked so it matches the System Enviroment
  • Prisoner Run initiated, new picture, new routes
  • VIP run initiated, new picture, new routes
  • drop rate of the Subaru Field in NGC 1432 decreased
  • Adrianopel NPCs reworked to match their work
  • Planet Storms reworked
  • Juneau Shipyard opened and reworked - there are two Juneau Shipyards now, where the secret one still holds the only place to buy the Osiris
  • Docking Character Gramps Mining reworked
  • Sterope Sun grafical bug lowerd (still work in progress)
  • New Symbols for Prisoners and Vips
  • System Infocard Atlas written
  • Commodity Trader of Research Center Tyros reworked
  • Alcyone Sun Infocard written
  • Bacchuscloud Infocard reworked
  • Kol Stats pointer set
  • all custom Ships got their Stat's and Infocard reworked so you now can see the Stats also in the buying windows
  • USO Mamba LF new civilian Ship
  • USO Gecko HF new civilian Ship (buyable in 8837)
  • USO Fer de Lance VHF new civilian Ship (buyable in 8837)
  • IMG Spectre LF new civilian Ship - thanks to Sorin Industries
  • IMG Arrow HF new civilian Ship - thanks to Sorin Industries
  • Battleship Pythagoras Trader reworked
  • Freeport 15 Name repointed to the Station
  • Taygeta docking restricted (hopefully)
  • Korinth Spin rate changed
  • Profit for Fusions Weapon Components raised to match the same profit as for Heavy Water
  • All dockmounts of smaller custom Stations are now above the Stations to keep the undocking of flyable Stations and Capitals possible
  • Bartender Soryn and several other Typos fixed
  • Hudshifting problem with older monitors fixed
  • Vanilla Tradelanes are all back in the Game
  • several market files updated
  • All Damage Zones Vanilla, 88Flak and SoF reworked they deserve their name now
  • serversided improvements

Upgrade 8835
Category: Initial Beta 1 Release

  • initial closed Beta Release

Update 8834
Category: Test Release

  • internal closed Beta Release

Update 8829 - Update 8833

Category: Alpha Updates

  • Alpha Updates

Update 8828
Category: Alpha Release

  • Shadow of Fear first Alpha Release on Top of 88Flak

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