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Answers for most of questions that you might ask .

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Before asking any Question or asking for any Solution please read the Next "Frequently asked Questions" Carefully, and do exactly what is said, there's also a section for NeuWON Related questions down there, Hopefully the list is full and will Fix you out solve all of your problems .


1 - WON2 Related questions :

Q1- Why should i use WON2 and not Steam ?

A1- WON2 Isn't trying to convict players to leave steam and Play on WON2, it is simply a project that aims to bring back Multiplayer mode for some games that lost Multiplayability after original WON Was shutdown .

Q2- Can i join servers without applying Patches ?

A2-WON2 Patches are very necessary in order to join servers hosted on WON2,You have to apply one of the Recommanded WON2 Patches before doing so .

Q3- I'm getting error "Your .dll [cl_dlls\client.dll] differs from the server"

A3-This is because the server is running with a different "client.dll" than yours,It can be caused by connecting to a server with the wrong game/mod " caused if you didn't install the required game or mod"
Example : Connecting to a Counter-Strike 1.5 server from Half-Life

  • If you're sure you have the required mod that server is running ,Fix it by applying Patch (If your game version is it should downgrade it to And don't worry ,Multiplayer mode will still work.

Q4- Besides "PingTool" and "QTracker" Any other good server browsing solutions ?

A4-You can check out Server monitoring sites like GameMonitor and see if admins advertised their servers there .

Q5- What's PingTool ?

A5-PingTool is an Old Server Browser used to browse servers for Different games like Half-Life back in 2000,it was updated back in 2007 by Steamless Project Team to make it compatible with WON2 Master server,so people can browse servers easily using it, It will be auto installed inside the game folder after applying Patch or .

Q6- What's QTracker ?

A6-QTracker is another server browser used to browse servers for Different games like Half-Life ,Unlike PingTool it only lists online server and has many other unique features,Although it is recommanded that you stick with PingTool Since QTracker doesn't fully list servers you might want to give it a try ... Visit this Page !

Q7- What games are supported by WON2 Network ?

A7-So far only GoldSrc based games like Half-Life or Gunman Chronicles ,Support will be extended with Patch once NeuWON Network is up .

Q8- Can i get banned in the new WON2 Network ?

A8-Are you serious ? WON2VAC Was discontinued you'll not get banned anymore (Play forever ;) However server admins might use other security solutions mentioned in this Tutorial

Q9- How can i Host/Create my own server on WON2 .?

A9-You can start up your own server by following the next steps

Q10- I Can't see any servers in game server browser ?

Q10-That's because in-game Server browser will not work till v1.1.1.3, So make sure to use an alternate server browser like PingTool which will be installed after applying Patch or or QTracker . Or manually copy server IPs and add them to your serverlist in game by clicking "Add a server"

Q11- Can i install these Patches on Steam version ?

A11-There's an Alternate (Not tested with Newer version) method for Steam copies owners to convert their copies to WON Version Here : ,However it is recommanded that you Actually own a CD-Retail copy (You might find one at or

Q12- Can i Host a Dedicated server and join it at same time ?, I'm getting error " LAN servers are restricted to local clients (class C)"

A12-You need to apply the Next patch first , And follow the instructions given in description

Q13- I Don't know which mod is the Server running, or i don't have it, What should i do ?

A13-With WON2 Patch you can simply download the mod that server is running just by Going to "Custom games" list and Clicking on "Refresh" then Select and install any mod you which to install , Note that this feature will only list Mods and not commercial games, it will also list only the mods uploaded to Modserver .

Q14- I Can only join few servers , and i only get a High ping

A14- That's up to you ,I can't help you in that , you need a good Net speed in order to play on any Server no matter where is it located .

Q15- I'm getting an error "WONAUTH.DLL IS MISSING"

A15- This error usually appears because of a file that the game can't find, WONAUTH.DLL is included in Patch and not in Patch, So in order to fix this error, Install Patch before installing any of WON2 Patches , also Make sure you're installing it on CD-Retail version or your game might just crash .

2 - Steamless Project Questions :

Q1 - What happened to the forums, files and Status page ?

A1 - They were lost .

Q2 - Why were they lost ?

A2 - Because most of Steamless Project team members who were responsible of Maintaining the site left the team years ago, the only one who still Remains is Ben

Q3 - Does it mean that the WON2 Network will be shutdown soon ?

A3 - We have no clue, The servers are currently running by a Former developer who left the team years ago, it might be taken down At any time .

Q4 - What about Steamless Counter-Strike 1.6 ?

A4 - Luckily Ben still has a build of it and is probably going to Upload it soon, we don't have Close contact with Him, our only ways to contact him are Via NeuWON Boards and via his GMail .

Q5 - Any solution to fix the situation ?

A5 - As far as we know, Ben Received the Full original Source code of The Original WON and his updating it to work better , He launched NeuWON Site and been posting news recently , we have no clue if this is ever going to be released but Check out more answers in "NeuWON Related" questions section .

3 - NeuWON Related questions :

Q1- Why should i use NeuWON and not any other DRM ?

Q1- Because NeuWON is by far the only way to join Multiplayer servers on some old games that no longer have Multiplayer .

Q2- When are you going to release the NeuWON Patch (a.k.a Patch)

A2- The release date is unknown till now, So far only some of patches are done, however the patch is 99% Completed and will be released as soon as it's ready .

Q3- I Want to be a Master server host, can i ?

A3- Sure, contact ben the lead developer here .

Q4- What will the Patch contain ?

A4- Chatrooms, widescreen support, and everything you expected :) , patches for other games are already out, however Not for GoldSrc games yet .

Q5- I Cannot join the Master servers, why ?

A5- You have done something wrong, Follow the Instructions metioned here carefully, if you still get errors ask for help on Offical Forums .

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