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Find out how to use Serious Sam's Bogus Detour's mod tools for the #SeriousMod Competition.

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ModDB's #SeriousMod Competition is underway! We have partnered with the developers of the newly-released Serious Sam's Bogus Detour, and are challenging you to create a mod for the game or a piece of Serious Sam-inspired artwork.

Art Competition

If you are opting to make Serious Sam-inspired artwork, then you don't need to learn how to mod and can skip this part and jump right to the juicy prizes up for grabs. But for the modders, read on:

Mod Tutorial Video

If you're opting to enter the #SeriousMod Competition by creating a mod, this video, courtesy of Serious Sam's Bogus Detour developer Crackshell, will show you how to quickly set up the game's editor and create your first level. The following additional links will help you get familiar with how editing the game works:

Competition Prizes

20 serious prize packs are up for grabs, including a Grand Prize of $2,000 cash and the honour of having your mod officially added to Serious Sam's Bogus Detour! Plus, there's NVIDIA and Logitech hardware to give away, along with a number of Serious Sam Prize Packs on Steam. Once your #SeriousMod masterpiece is complete, you can submit the mod using these links:

Alternatively, if you want to enter the competition with a piece of Serious Sam-themed artwork, you can submit the artwork here.

With just under 24 days remaining to enter, it's time to get Serious! Check out the main competition page for more information, submission rules, and prize details.

Serious Sam Bogus Detour


Fantastic this new page for this contest, and as modders it is exactly what we needed. The links to the Editor Wiki, Engine Documentation and Scripting Documentation will make that we can finally really start to put something together what is worth playing (or at least i hope it is).

Yesterday i already did start with my first level and i have to say, its a really great editor. Took me a bit of time to get familiar with it because it doesn't look like any of the previous editors i worked with, (like Source/Hammer, IDTech versions for DOOM, Prey, Quake, Sof2 and Cod, etc.)
But specially with the first tut video it was quit easy to put a beginner map together with a playerstart, enemies and weapons, powerups etc.

So, come on guys!
Try this, the game is awesome! The prizes are high and numerous and even when you don't win it still is a awesome way to spent to time!


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QuickSave & QuickLoad MOD. Most Popular category.

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Hahaha, you could be right there because it is indeed sometimes a bit of a pain in the *ss to have to start all over again from the start of a level (after having died 3 times).
But at the same time this also has its charms, so, maybe i wouldn't install such a mod afterall, lol.


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I hope it's possible to make Total Conversion Mods, imagine how cool it'd be to have a Half-Life, Doom, or Halo Mod for this Game.

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