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So What features are going to be in the game? That is all explained in this article :)

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Everyone loves features! Features make things unique and stand out from the crowd, but what will UT Search and Destroy have that is different from the regular ones? Well we will have choosable classes as we have said before that are chosen at the start of the game, and can be changed at any time during it. If you get sick of sniping why not go rambo and try the Heavy Gunner? In UT S&D you can!
We also plan to have custom targets so you aren't going to have to blow up the same thing in each map. Also who doesnt like a good explosion once you've spent time picking off those enemies, taking out the defenders, and planting that bomb? We sure as hell do! After the timer on your bomb has gone off you will see a nice satisfactory explosion of your target to make it worthwhile your effort. This won't be some pathetic little puff, and off you go again, you will see the whole damn place go KABOOM! And the target is gone! Dont forget customization. Everything will be customizable in this gametype so you can play with your style instead of just pre-set things. Plus we will have plenty of support for mappers to make it easy for you to create your own Search & Destroy map! No hassling around setting up things, just chuck the bomb spawns in, the targets, and the game will sort the rest out for you!

Keep watching this mod for more features, news, updates and more!

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