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A 2D mini game I wrote way back in 2017. Never thought I would look at the code again... But here it is: a new update in 2021 ; ) Challenge: Can you defeat more than 4 krakens in one run?? Have fun!!!

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Be part of the seabattle between the Greek fleet
and Kamos's pirates.
Control your Ship with the use of your keyboard
and eliminate them one by one!
But be careful: there are other dangers lurking...

DOWNLOAD: Seabattle (

To run this game (Installation)
choose one of the following methods:

1. Download Java (free)
2. Install Java(TM) Platform SE binary
3. Open the jar. file
4. Enjoy the game!!!


1. Download Greenfoot (free).
2. Open the gfar-file.
3. Open the project file.
4. Drag some Ships into the window.
5. Enjoy the game!!!

Created by JeHathor (c)


[Space] -> fire
[Enter]/[shift] -> heal
(You need to ram an enemy ship that is on low health
or if you are on low health find an ally ship)
[arrowup]/[W] -> move forward
[arrowleft]/[A] -> turn left
[arrowdown]/[S]-> move backward
[arrowright]/[D] -> turn right
[+] -> Next Level

DOWNLOAD: Age of Mythology Heaven :: Seabattle (

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