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Here is the Glorious Wanze the counter of the willys AT in axis side. The Borgward IV, officially designated Schwerer Ladungsträger Borgward B IV was a German ... Place of origin, Nazi Germany ... Bs and Cs were converted to the Panzerjäger Wanze, armed with six RPzB 54/1 anti-tank rockets. Taken From Wiki

Posted by on here is the Steam page of the mod.
The mod adds tons of vehicles and infantry units and combine them and make a great multiplayer experience. the mod is planned in 2019 and fully out now. mod combined tons of vehicles from other mods and old men of wars and actualy they did a great combination at the end😊.

101st Airborne

m36, m10, Shermans


sargebarns Steam: Gerhard Eichel

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