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Interview with the member of the development team of Rebel Act Studio.

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Script Programmer: Arturo Justo Ibánez

Before joining RAS four years ago, I was working in a group called Noria Works, creators of Speed Haste and Thunder Off. I then begun a strategy project of the C&C kind; due to insufficient funds this firm joined another and the whole thing was renamed Hammer Technologies. I started working there on a Volleyball project, but since I did not agree with the firm's policy I left and entered in contact with Rebel; they really liked my CV because, in spite of being 20 years, I already had 3 years of experience in the industry.

Click to enlarge!Visual C is in the background, since the programmer run Blade using it and so that it can be debugged, it's also useful for breakpoints and variable checking. The two windows in front are the winblade window and the console known from the other desktop pictures. If you noticed the word "Dracula" in the Console, it is the name of an enemy, when we create an enemy we tell Blade wich race it is and give it 'an inner name' which can be used as a reference for later editing. Sometimes we use names as Dracula or something based on cartoons to make things funnier.

In this picture, an enemy generator was being created; more precisely, working on the effect that is generated when the enemy gets through the floor level, it's cool, I really like the obtained will see. In the winblade window you can see the words 'Left' and 'Right'. This is part of the biped system we use, that give us information about which foot is touching ground. The blue text tell us about the current working animations and the enemy state.

What makes a good script? It has to do with playability, speed, FX and this kind of stuff, a bad script would be the other way round. The funniest part is when you build a scripted scene and, sometimes, thing happens different than expected, so the characters behave in curious ways. It is nice to see the final result, of course!

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