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Here a latest update for rpgboss game engine 0.3.3

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Rpgboss 0.3.3

  • Added Save and Load function
  • Added more art style side view battler
  • Added another art style side view battle background

note: If you used the old default battle background please reselect the events that used it, because the location of the battle background has been reorganized.

Rpgboss feature
1. Map Editor
2. Basic Map Events
- Show Text
- Enter Battles
- Basic Add/Remove Items to Menu
- Lock Players Movement
- Teleport Player to another map location
- Change Event State
- Modify Party
- Move Events
- Run Javascript
- More to come!
3. Resource Importer Allow Import of own Graphic
4. Database Editor
- Character
- Classes
- Enemies
- Encounters
- Items/Equipment
- Skills
- Status Effects
- Animations
- Startup
- Enumerations
5. Game Player to test your game before exporting (expecting Windows, Linux, Mac, Mobile etc.)
6. Custom Resolution (Startup Database)
7. A Lot of free to use battle background, tileset, battlier, sprites. Just make sure to read the rules of using them in the readme (for example, some require to be credit inside authored games)

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