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Hi there After a long year of work,this skin pack has now includeed all skins from csgo 1570+skins For skins are too much to carry in one file so i made path And stickers are also work now, thanks to model-maker:Tsukasa Sato And i'd add 199 stickers from csgo and made 26 spical touhou stickers with best looking taitan pong on them. For people who don't want stickers,just leave model path away,thanks for your undersatnding.

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I'd already showed the Rng texture so i'm just gonna show some stickers in this update file.

About the stickers,most weapons will check both side if you check them,and some sticker has been changed so that the skin can still been seen even stickers on them

How stickers looks like? check them out from here:





PS:if you had my skin pack before,plz just delete files and just leave kinife and install this texture path

Password is Tatara Kogasa(about skin pack)

due to the bad web the skin pack has been linked with wrong game mod(sad)

So get the skin pack from

Cover of model

About the model pack,here it is

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