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The story is changed.And is about what happened after FOT ending

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Well,after the warrior destroyed computer forces,his brother(since he
was in his squad sacrificed his brain,so after that,the wasteland was
made a safer place.

The warrior declared himself king and
expanded to south,where he was killed by a poison made by one of his
generals.And that general declared himself a king to.

Then he
corrupted Vault 0 Computer's brain telling that the king(his brother)
died in war with some united raider government(The Commonwealth).And
everyone belived the general.

After the general took the place,he
decided to have war with the commonwealth for over 5 years.Untill a
prisoner(You will be playing as a prisoner in this mod) will come and
change everything.

Well this story got some of Van Buren features like the prisoner.

As about barnaky he was killed by the warrior.

Keep tuned i am working on a big vault map.

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