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Check out some new screenshots and detailed information on the Story mode of Robo's World: The Blulite Rocks.

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Robo's World: The Blulite Rocks picks up at a very particular point in the Robo's World timeline. It serves as the best introductory point to the story for anyone unfamiliar with (what will be) the series. Playing as Robo, you must use an antivirus to heal the Blulite Robots and save Blulite City!
During your mission, you will encounter many enemies in the form of infected Blulite Robots. Some Robots are completely corrupted by the virus, and cannot be saved. These corrupted robots will prove to be the most dangerous.


Over the course of the game, you will be able to explore Blulite City, the expansive Blulite mines, and eventually the source of the viruses. To successfully navigate these spaces, you must make use of your three primary abilities:

The Double-Jump:

As the name implies, Robo can "double-jump" (jump, and then jump again in mid-air) to reach high up or otherwise out-of-the-way places. Furthermore, depending on the way you press the jump button, you will be able to jump to variable heights. Essentially, if you just tap the jump button, Robo will only jump a little ways off the ground, whereas giving the button a good press will let you jump much higher, but make it harder to time the mid-air jump (which has the same duration-based effect). Between the two jumps, the physical navigation of Robo's World is made very easy, but to reach the furthest corners of the game space, you'll need to master Robo's jumping abilities.

Anti-virus Beam:


The Anti-Virus beam is essential for clearing dangerous enemies out of your path. You use the mouse to aim it and left-click to fire it. Left clicking again will destroy the anti-virus you've shot, since you can only shoot one at a time. This means you'll really need to plan out your way forward, as you lack the ability to charge in "all guns blazing".

Compact Mode:

Robo's Compact Mode Ability

Robo can compact himself to break through certain types of blocks and protect himself from nearly all damage. If you're trying to beat the game while healing as few enemies as possible (to get an achievement perhaps?) then this is your go-to ability! Pressing "down" lets you compact instantly and pressing "up" or the jump button pops you out of it, since you cannot move or fire your Anti-Virus beam while in compact mode.

That's everything for now, but keep checking back! As Robo's World counts down to release, there will be plenty of images and more information for you to see!

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