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We thought it would be nice to share some plans with you. Below you see our guidelines for rest of the year.

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We thought it would be nice to share some plans with you. Below you see our guidelines for rest of the year. I ensure to you that there will be changes and I think we will invent some cool new ideas on the way.

Roadmap 2014

    Alpha 0.2.0 - Walker

  • Buildings:

    • Hangar ( about 100 meters)
  • Map:
    • Places for Dragon
    • City planning
  • Objects:
    • Drone
    • Walker
      • Two legged walker
      • Three seats: Commander, driver, gunner
    • Dragon - WIP
    • Wall terminal
  • Scripting:
    • Support for multiple initializers
    • Mechanism for creating large structures
    • Multiturret to support effects
    • Objects can provide "applications" to terminal
      • Hangar provides door control system
  • Missions:
    • Tutorial introduces new scripting features
    • Treasure Hunt WIP
      • Player controls small group of drones
      • Dragon is in fixed position
      • Mission starts from end game
      • First team to start Dragon wins

  • Alpha 0.3.0 - Transports

  • Objects:
    • Aegis Explorer Guardian
      • Shoulder defense turret
    • Jetpack and other civilian / personal transport systems
    • Dragon - WIP
      • terminals to control doors, thrusters, turrets etc.
  • Scripting:
    • Support for fighting at high altitude (skyscraper, inside rising Dragon)
  • Missions:
    • Team version of hacking contest
    • Treasure Hunt:
      • Dragon must be launched (start thrusters from terminals) and cleared from enemy

  • Alpha 0.4.0 - Flyables

  • Map:
    • Wildlife
  • Objects:
    • Dropship
    • Fighter
    • Flying infantry transport
  • Treasure Hunt:
    • Randomized Dragon position
  • Scripting:
    • Randomized structures

  • Alpha 0.5.0 - Salvage

  • Objects:
    More new weapons, armors, vehicles, buildings etc.
  • Treasure Hunt:
    • Data object contains access code to Warriors
    • Data object contains access code to Dragon hangar
    • Data objects provides locations of other data objects
    • Warrior is needed to control Dragon
    • Randomized data objects that will provide supply locations
  • Terminal:
    • Support for history
    • Fix for aligning text and lining
  • Scripting:
    • Equipment selection system

  • Beta - 2015

  • Finalizing models and scripts
  • Balancing
  • Tutorials for using provided mechanisms (Multiturret, randomized structures, creating missions with data objects etc.)
  • Bug fixing
  • Zeus support
  • CBA support (on demand)

- Turmio


Sounds good! Keep up the good work!

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Is this still the tentative, projected road map? Im super excited for this!

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Yes it is, these are the most current bits we are working on in short and long term. There are lots of other features too, but these are the current priorities.

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