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This article contains an oversight of the new rms maps.

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The new RMS-maps

In-game we have already added the following RMS maps for single- and multiplayer.

A small oversight of the names

  • Lost Valley

  • Sacred grove

  • Hollow marsh

  • Tartarus

  • Temperate

The map Lost Valley

lost valley icon
Large sandbanks with plenty of food, but little too no water.
lost valley oversight
lost valley start up

Sacred Grove

Sacred grove icon
A magical forest with little to no light. Expect the nature too provide it to you.
Sacred grove map oversight
Sacred grove map start up

Hollow march

Hollow march icon

A marsh filled with spiders and some mushrooms. Be aware of the undead that crawls it.

Hollow march map oversight

Hollow march map start up


Tartarus icon
A rocky place filled with skeletons, shades, and dangerous creatures.
Tartarus oversight
Tartarus start up

Hollow march map start up


Temperate icon
A nice-looking forest. (better description will come later, in AOW there is a description bug here for the moment.)
Temperate oversight
Temperate start up
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