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This is the page for any particular suggestions anyone has in regards to units that are in the mod and/or any ideas that anyone has that they may like to be added into the "Star Wars: Rise of the Shadows" mod. More specifically, I'm trying to find interesting units during the Galactic Civil War era, but I'm open to ideas about particular Clone Wars era units, if I think it's practical. I'm also thinking of making planet corruption missions to tell the Rise of the Shadows story plot.

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Units that I would like to add pending if I can find an .alo model artist to collaborate with:
-Jabiim Nimbus warriors
-Black Sun bodyguards (like the ones from the comics/graphic novels of Shadows of the Empire)
-Barabel mercenaries (" ")
-Sabaoth Destroyer (like the ones from the Jedi Starfighter game in the Clone Wars era)
-Sabaoth Fighters (" ")
-501st Legion (Galactic Empire-unique stormtrooper company unit) *This is a maybe idea, since I don't want the mod to sound to much like the other Clone Wars era mods, but then again the 501st were fighting during the Battle of Hoth.
-GAAT tank (Consortium-vehicle company unit) From the original Star Wars: Clone Wars videogame in 2002/2003. *Though this is a Clone Wars era unit, it has a sleek design in which I can see how the Consortium would find it appealing and useful to add to their retinue of military land vehicles.
-Wookie Elite Berserker warriors (Rebel-land infantry/melee unit) From the Star Wars: Battlegrounds computer game. This would make a nice balance for the Rebels to use against the Imperial Bodyguards who also specialize in non-Jedi melee combat.

Heroes that I would like to add to the mod:
-Lando Calrissian (Rebel Hero)
-Bounty Hunter Team (consisting of Dengar, Zuckuss, and 4-LOM that requires a Cantina and can be recruitable for all 3 factions)
-Galen Marek/Starkiller from Forced Unleashed game (Buildable Rebel Hero)
-X2 clone (Buildable Rebel Hero) From Star Wars: Battlefront: Elite Squadron videogame.
-Delta Squad (Buildable Team Hero unit-Rebels or maybe Galactic Empire) *This would be a big maybe for a hero unit to add since I'm contemplating if it would be practical to have Delta Squad in the mod given the time era and context of the mod. Chances are I won't add them unless someone can give me good ideas on why and especially how they would fit in the background plot of the mod.

Structures that I would like to add to the mod:
-A different art design of the Sith temple
-A different art design of the Jedi temple

Planets/planetoids/asteroids that I would like to add to the mod:
-Ord Mantell
-Polis Massa

Planets with special maps that I would like to add as special Corruption missions to tell the Rise of the Shadows story plot:
-Bespin (maybe)
-Bothawui (maybe)
-Dantooine (maybe)
-Kashyyyk (maybe)
-Manaan (maybe)
-Mandalore (maybe)
-Naboo (maybe)
-Vergesso Asteroids (maybe)
-Yavin IV (maybe)

*Note for these special planet missions, it would take a while for me to figure out how to do especially if I don't have anyone who is interested in collaborating with me in making these special corrupt missions who might have XML and string edit programming experience with custom event scripting. Regardless, I plan on releasing the first version of the mod without these special story missions and work on making the custom missions for a future second version release. Besides, I already have my mind set on releasing this mod sometime this summer hopefully when I figure out how to program and finish making the intro video for the mod and the game menu animation cinematics. Just as a minor update, I'm making a fairly decent amount progress in converting Sullust into the Trandoshan homeworld, so that shouldn't be holding me back in releasing the first version of the mod.

Well, these are just proposed ideas so far, but I'll check the comments below to get anyone else's feedback and please feel free to give me some of your proposed ideas as well. Best thing to do, in order for me to know if it's feasible or not with units, is to check other mods that have the units that you want, because I'm not a computer artist, but I can get these units programmed if someone has already created the units in an alo file format and doesn't have a problem with me using them.

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Mere Cruisers from Jedi Starfighters for all factions. And Ravager destroyers from KOTOR 2 for just Imperials, Zann, and Black Sun.

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Darth_Rex Author

@kiraknightfall: I agree with you about having the Mere Cruisers from Jedi Starfighter being in the mod, I can see remnants of those ships being realistic to the Star Wars canon during the Galactic Civil War era. Unfortunately I think the Ravager destroyers from KOTOR 2 are too outdated(by a few thousand years) for the Star Wars era that this mod is intended to be in. But, thanks for the suggestion. I'll definitely see if I can find a modder who does .alo models that has done one for the Mere cruiser. If not then I'm going to have to wait until I can find a modder who would be interested in making an .alo model for the Mere cruiser.

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keep up the good work, and:
adding the merc ships from starfighter would be cool.

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Darth_Rex Author

Thanks I'm glad that you agree too about the merc ships. I'm also thinking about adding a merc bounty hunter team for land battles that can be buildable heroes that would include: 4Loom, Dengar, and Zuckuss.

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I have a suggestion, what do you think about adding renegade clone troopers for the Rebels? They'll be old clone troopers who turned against the Empire. But they're not like normal clone regiments in RaW for example, more like arc commandos because of all the experience and training they got from helping the Rebels or they can be actual renegade clone arc commandos...

I can't post any URLs to skins but I bet you'll find some on filefront. If not you can ask some other modder who used them for permission.

This is just a suggestion.

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Darth_Rex Author

I'm down with maybe adding renegade hero unit Clone troopers for the Rebels like Delta squad or X2 from that Battlefront PS portable game for the Second version of the mod. As for regular troop company units, I don't think that would be a good idea because it would sound too much like bringing back the Clone Wars to me for the time era of the setting in the mod.

As for URLs and skins. If you can just give me the name of the mod, then I'll gladly check it out to see if there are units that I would like to add and can take from other mods and add them into the Rise of the Shadows mod.

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if ord mantell is input into the mod make a scrapyard structure (space) and a junkyard structure (land)
scrapyards could build non era specific old ships (Ie, hammerhead, foray, sith cruisers etc...)
Junkyard could build old land units (Tanks and robots only)
(IFTX,AAT Battle droids, Sith War droids etc...)

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