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This article tells the story of the Corsairs, gradually evolving into the Hispania nation and taking part in the political circle of Sirius.

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Researching technologies, advancing forward, the Corsairs have become the second most organized illegal faction of the Edge/Border Worlds.

803 A.S: Hearing of the Outcasts’ advance, the Corsairs offered the Outcasts to start a coalition, calling for the rise of an official Hispanic house in the Sirius sector.
The Outcasts refused the offer, and so the Corsairs went to negotiate with the Order.
Offering resources, the Corsairs asked the Order to apply their knowledge of alien technology for designing a jump gate capable of transforming very massive vessels. The Order agreed and used the opportunity to take a step forward in Humanirt's technological advance. The Corsairs have expanded their variety of vessels, producing capital ships and preparing themselves to fight for their long lost pride. From the ruins on their home planet Crete, and artifacts found in Malvada asteroid field, they created new weapons that resembled those used by Nomads.

Taking small steps ever since the sattlation, in 804 A.S. the Corsairs already had their first fleet ready. Rushing towards Omega-5 to test the might of their brand new fleet, the Corsairs almost wiped out Ronneburg base before the Red Hessians surrendered. Later invading Freital base in Omega-11, the Corsairs gained the upper hand in the Omega pirate war. After they conquered the illegal side of the Omegas, the Corsairs were looking for a safe place to build a shipyard. In the vastness of Omega-5, they found a jump hole to a system mapped as Omega-14. They established a shipyard, and by 806 A.S. started manufacturing more capital ships. Later the same year, the Order handed in the blueprint, and the construction of a new jump gate orbiting Planet Cella Dor (Omicron Gamma) has begun.

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