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Article summarizes possible new features for Revolt Revamped.

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Proposed features (Mutliplayer):

*4 classes= Special (Medic), Demoman, Soldier, and Sniper
*Ammocrates and Medcrates
*In-game Rcon System (with Message System)
*An Advanced Menu (either main menu or in-game) for tweaking game settings
*Bind Menu for special options (I.e: Press O to plant Ammocrate)
*Sprint system, binded to Melee key (so you don't pick up weapons while sprinting)
*Revisions to all gametypes
*New Gametypes
*Add in grenade models for flame, flashbang, and smoke grenade(s)
*New Anti-Camp system, punishment 1: players get moved to spectator after 30 seconds of inactivity.
*New Anti-Camp system, punishment 2: players get marked on compass for opposing team to see.
*New Anti-Camp System, punishment 3: player moved to spectator and can't pick a team for 2 mins.
*Removal of taunts to reduce file size
*Removal of quick statements to stop spamming and reduce file size
*Removal of unneeded str files, making one revolt str file

This just a short list. Many more revisions may take place. Anti-Camp system will have the option to be disabled as some groups are okay with camping.

PlusIce Author

Gametype revision; planning on making more gametypes run on tdm spawns and dm spawns. I plan to rewrite rev_ctf and make it run without requiring ctf objects in maps, thus can be played on tdm maps. The rev_te (Revolt: Team Elimination) gametype will be rewritten to run on tdm spawns.

Voice Command and stuff; all taunts get remove along with other unneeded stuff. The only four commands in quick command menu will be "Call Medic", "Need Ammo", "Friendly Artillery" and "Enemy Artillery". To stop people from spamming the voice commands, senseless and giving away the players positions (other team can hear nearby player if he does a quick command voice message)

Announcer voice system. New voice overs for gametype announcements, camping punishment notification, and smite notifications (for water glitch)

Poke voice notifications of being reprimanded by server admin (warning to stop glitching, vulgar language, refrain from recruiting ect.) Both local pokes and global (all players) will be available.

Automatic Smite system for water glitch, bunny hooping, offmap, and inside a model glitch. You get blown up when you do this things (planned for later release) However, game admin will not have smite powers to use on any players. If I gave game admins those powers they might just smite people from other guilds until they leave the server.

Would like the Sniper class to have artillery calling powers in both CoD and UO releases.

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