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This article contains a small summary about this ambitious Resident Evil 2 (1998) mod and its main features. Coming 2021.

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Resident Evil: During the Storm is a free story mod exclusively made for the PC Sourcenext version of Resident Evil 2 (1998). It's being developed by the creator of the Mortal Night mod for RE2, along with his new team (Resident Evil Classic Modding Group), closely following the canon of the saga. It is probably the most ambitious modding project for this game.


The clock is ticking. While the Raccoon City outbreak takes place, the last survivors of the city are barricaded within the RPD with barely any supplies, and panic is taking over. Playing as Kevin from the Outbreak series, you'll have to resist inside and outside the RPD, managing the few resources at your disposal and making sure that survivors don't die. For this, there will be new gameplay mechanics, and you'll have to choose carefully what you want to do, leaving room for dozens of outcomes. Not only your actions will affect the course of the story, but also the moment in which you do them, as there is an internal timer.

Main gameplay features

The mod is going to be divided in chapters, and each of them will have its own special enemies and gameplay mechanics. They are basically a means of dividing the main events of the story. However, these chapters are not independent and your progress will be saved, so you will have to take care of your character and his supplies.

  • It's "open-world", but in a similar way to Dark Souls rather than a sandbox. Resident Evil games are usually very linear due to door locks, so in During the Storm there will be fewer of them to create a bigger sense of scale. Apart from that, the street areas of RE2 and RE3 can be freely explored, along with some new areas, and there will be several sidequests to be completed. These are optional, but unlike in most games, they will have an impact in the main plot -and its 30 NPCs- as well.
  • Branching narrative. Although your choices will change the story and will determine who survives and who dies, this is a Resident Evil game after all, so not everything will be totally different (at least in the short term).
  • Enemies. Mortal Night is known for its high amount of enemies. Meanwhile, in During the Storm there will be relatively few enemies, but these will be much tougher and dangerous. Enemies can also follow you through rooms, which could be seen in the reveal video, where Kevin could also use a RPD key to lock a door and prevent zombies from entering that room. It doesn't apply to all enemies or to all areas, but this mechanic will be commonly present. Apart from this, there will be some enemies never seen in RE2 that will have their own special mechanics.
  • Inventory management is crucial. There will be lots of items to be picked up in DTS, but your inventory will be limited to 6 slots for the most part of the game. That means, no matter how much ammo and healings you have, you will only be able to carry some of them with you, a decision that will gain importance once you venture into big areas with no item boxes.
  • Weapons. Instead of having upgrades like in the original game, here those custom weapons will be independent and will have their own ammo. For instance, there are 3 different guns that use handgun ammo; while there is universal ammo boxes for those, you will commonly find magazines instead, which are only compatible with one of those 3 guns.
  • Internal timer. It is similar to the one of Dead Rising, but it won't be as restrictive. It will mainly be a way of changing the environment as time goes by, unlocking new areas, spawning enemies, and forbidding you to complete some sidequests if you take too long to carry them out. It should guarantee that each playthrough is different, unless you are fast enough and you can complete everything before the time runs out.


It can't be determined right now, but During the Storm should be at least twice as long as the original game due to the great amount of content included in this mod, some of which hasn't been revealed yet.

Important links

  • Biohazard Declassified, our producers and a fan RE website where you will hear first about any news regarding this mod:
  • YouTube channel of the project:
  • Facebook page of the project:

Release date

It should be out in 2022, but the first half will most likely be released this year. In order to avoid giving a release date that probably won't be met, we will only announce it when we are completely sure that the game offers the experience we want to give you. Please, be patient.

The team

Resevilnemesis30: Director. Main programmer. Sounds, animations, extra writing, and extra 2D/3D material.

TheMitu97: Co-director. Main 2D and 3D artist. Sounds and extra writing.

DarkSpyda04: 2D and 3D artist, programming and animations.

Juvenal Da Corte: 2D and 3D artist, sounds and animations.

Burton: Lead writer.

-Rusty-: 2D and 3D artist.

Polveremorta & Garcia: Composers.

Frank Alcantara: Graphic designer.

UNiCOMICS: 2D and 3D artist.


"reads everything"


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Resevilnemesis30 Author

It is! ;)

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guys, this is awesome. took a long time to find words to describe how impressed I am with your project. re2 and re3 have a unique atmosphere of hopelessness, isolation and uncertainty. next year the re series turns 25 and your mod will be an awesome gift for fans of the good old resident evil.
I understand that the events of the mod unfold before re3n?

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Resevilnemesis30 Author

Yes, we'll try to make the ultimate classic RE game, and we have lots of surprises ;)

About your question, yes, a part of the story unfolds before RE3.

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Cant wait!

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Omg bro i love it so much !! For an old fan as me it's paradise, Capcom took another direction with the franchise till RE4 and im glad someone finally understand what is the substance of a true RE. It's dream come true, as good as old ones with this little + which are the living atmosphere of the RPD, the choices we have to make and the conversations through the people in there.
One word, awesome. Can't wait to play the full story

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