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The Roster for the Republic. Please be aware that this list is not final.

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Fleet premise, weak and a few units available early game, mid-to-late game catching up and exceeding the Separatists

  • General Heroes
    • General Anakin Skywalker
    • General Obi-Wan Kenobi
    • General Mace Wendu
  • Imperial Path Heroes
    • Admiral Tarkin
  • Republic Path Heroes
    • Grand Master Yoda
  • Capitalships
    • Imperator (Variants for Republic or Imperial Path
    • Jedi-Venator (Republic path)
    • Venator Open Circle Fleet Variant(General)
    • Secutor (Imperial Path)
    • Victory 1
    • Victory 2
    • Republic Class Star Destroyer (Republic Path)
    • Tector Class Star Destroyer (Imperial Path)
  • Cruisers
    • Venator
    • Dreadnaught
    • Acclamator
    • Arquitens
    • Consular (Diplomatic)
    • Republic Tugboat
  • Frigates
    • IPV-2
    • Consular-refit
    • Consular (Original)
    • Republic Assault Frigate (Consular refit 2)
    • Pelta Frigate (2 Varients one a medical ship, the other a combat frigate)
    • AA-9 Freighter
    • Carrack
    • LAAT Gunship (Hyperspace capable
  • Fighters
    • Arc-170
    • BTL-B
    • Delta-7
    • Eta-2
    • V-19 Torrent
    • V-Wing
    • Z-95 (Republic)
    • TIE (Imperial)

This is what I think looks good, I am open to suggestions to add/remove ships, so comment if you want.

Separatist Roster is currently under development at about 95% just arguing over heroes at this point.

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