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So i decided to replace the original weapons with better ones, they include new animations, HD textures & Kalasnikov88's hand rigs.

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- Knife - Tri Dagger DOWNLOAD TRI-DAGGER

- Glock18 - Makarov
- Usp - Steckhkin APS
- P228 - Beretta M9
- Desert Eagle - Raging Bull .357
- Five-Seven - Walther P99
- Dual Berettas - Tec-9

- M3 - Serbu Super Shorty
- XM1014 - Tromix Saiga S12-K

- TMP - ?
- Mac-10 - ?
- MP-5 - MP-5 Tactical
- UMP45 - Kriss Vector
- P90 - PP Bizon
- M249 - Ares Shrike

- Galil - AKS-74u
- Famas - QBZ-95
- AK-47 - AS VAL
- M4A1 - H&K M416
- SG552 - VSS Vintorez
- Aug - XM8
- Scout - ?
- AWP - Cheytac M200 Intervention
- G3/SG-1 - SVD Dragunov
- SG-550 - H&K PSG1

Plans for the future...

The old hand rigs are broken so is weapon models, i plan to use quality HD models with better animations, i only got four of them done for now, (i know you can find these models on gamebanana, they are also maden by me.) all chromed and polished with some minor fixes, pack is not dead. So see you until the next update !




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