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|| Black Mesa 2D Changed Cs2D's || || Sounds(SFX) || || Graphics(GFX) || ||---> By_0-L-A-F <---||

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|| Black Mesa 2D Changed Cs2D's||
|| Sounds(SFX) ||
|| Graphics(GFX) ||
||---> By_0-L-A-F <---||

+==+Changed Files are in the Following+==+
Muzzle Flashes:
The Muzzle Flash will be change its lot like CSS Muzzle Flash.
Breakable Gibs:
The Breakable Gibs you know when hit the env_breakable it releases gibs, Well the Gibs is gonna like Vents and ceilling Gibs.
Blood Stains:
The Blood Stains will also be replaced from cs to source games blood stain.

Using the Half-Life SprView.exe, I manage to replaced the explosion sprite.

Well smokes is changed just like the explosion.
The materials like when you hit flesh, wood and etc., will be change also, the sounds is like hl2-ish.

ll Tutorials for how to do this things will be soon ll ENJOY :)

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