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A detailed list of assets re-added (implemented again), and completely new ones.

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The previous version of CarEdu was in fact scrapped, and the new one was entirely based on the officially converted Car Tutorial version. All previously added assets were implemented again, and new ones added.

Re-added game objects:
- Car2
- Minimap
- Minimap2
- Main_Camera2
New game objects in release #2:
- PauseMenuCamera

Re-added files and folders:
/Textures/Environment/mud.jpg /scrapped
/Textures/Environment/mud-some.jpg /scrapped
/Textures/Environment/mud-stones.jpg /scrapped
New assets in release #2:
/Logos and banners/
/Logos and banners/banner.png
/Logos and banners/banner_r.png
/Logos and banners/banner2.png
/Logos and banners/banner_r2.png
/Logos and banners/logo.png
/Logos and banners/logo2.png
/Logos and banners/logo_small.png
/Logos and banners/logo_small2.png
And a new scene:

The project build order is now:
/Scenes/MainMenuScene.unity (1)
/Scenes/CompleteScene.unity (2)

* * *

Somehow the icons (that you can set in Project Settings -> Player, Icon tab) don't work, the excellent freeware program IcoFX was used to set the .exe icon instead.

Just make an .ico file with IcoFX, then choose Tools... -> Resource Editor, open the game .exe file, and then choose your icon.

The default icons for the game are in the latest CarEdu playable version, in the folder CarEdu_icons.

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