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The main features of the first map in the Regit Lu Map Pack.

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Map: The map is a small valley surrounded by mountains with a few buildings around(still haven't determined what the buildings are used for in the story). The valley mostly surrounds one big building on a mountain. There are also other props around the map. There are only the 4 default Command Posts right now but that will change.

Image #14KOTOR Sides Screenie #8

Sides: The sides have changed a lot. The Republic now has an ARF trooper unit instead of the Jet Trooper and Commander Fox as the hero unit. The CIS have been replaced by the Death Watch with Pre Visla. The Galatic Civil war sides are now KotOR units including Jolee Bindo and Darth Traya.

KOTOR Sides Screenie #5Plo Koon

Heroes: The Heroes are: Old Republic: Jolee Bindo, Sith: Darth Traya, Republic: Commander Fox, Death Watch: Pre Visla.

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