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Weather is a big part of the game in Recyx. Even if you can completly ignore it, you'd better know how to use it at your advanage and prenvent the catastrophy most of the time.

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Keep in mind that is our first test, so no smog or pollution added yet as many other visual adjustments.

Some weather will only affect buildings or robots effectiveness while others will totaly screw you up, slow you down and even destroy your robot!

Here is the list, but you'll only know what they are really doing in the game!

  • Clear sky
  • Sunny spell
  • Cloudy
  • Sunstorm
  • High winds
  • Earthquake
  • Light rain
  • Storm
  • Electrical storm
  • Real Time Day/Night
  • SandStorm
  • Tornado

Each of them will have their own effect on terrain, robots, buildings and more.More in the few weeks to come


That is some really nice weather =)
Love those clouds.

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