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We are recruiting people for our mod Sins of a Generation

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Hey guys, Sub-Atomic Studios here. We are here to ask the community about joining our group to help us develop the mod Sins of a Generation. It's a good little mod in it's early days of development and really needs help so we can get started on our way to becoming a great mod.

What we really need at this time is:
-A texture artist
-Particle Forger
-At least 1 more Modeler
Please don't be shy, come talk to us about recruitment, we don't bite... Not really.

As of now, we have 3 members:
-Vlad 12 (Galaxy Forger)
-Bastion (Composer)
-Faced (Modeler)
Please, we really need help with our mod and any and all assistance would be most appreciated, even if you just send us something small, we would be in your debt (But don't expect us to pay you as we can't)

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