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The unabridged list of content contributors for the mod

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Ensemble Studios, for creating such a classic game! Also the helepolis graphics in the original Age of Empires, which were used in the Ballista Elephant graphics, as well as the Antelope, the Hunnic Monk, Chalk Figure, Eagle, Flag G, Flag H, Gold Deposit, Stone Deposit, Whale, and Ancient Ruins

Forgotten Empires LLC, for Forgotten Empires Mod, the base for the Ballista Elephant, the Pesilat, the Bedouin Camp, the regional monk graphics (excepting the Huns), the snow leaves terrain used in Snow Pine Forest, the Dolphin, the Llama, and the Bear; and the voices for Mandinkas, Khmers, Bamars, Viets, and Malays.

Contributors to Forgotten Empires:

Rome at War - Much of the Italian buildset, Colosseum, Arena, Aqueduct, bonfire, Arch of Constantine, Centurion, Legionary

Age of Chivalry - Italian Castle, Wonder, Monastery, Stable, Fortress, Quimper Cathedral, Genoese Crossbow, Heavy Pikeman, Nordic Swordsman, Heavy Palisade

Battles of Middle-Earth - Siege Tower, Elephant Archer, loot. Dragon, lush grass

Russian Mod, Cobra Cars, Fixed Sea Tower, Mesoamerican Stable and Bombard Tower, Wild Camel, Eastern Swordsman, Royal Janissary, Condottiero, Tiger

Usac creating many new civ concepts, which were used extensively in designing the new teams

Everyone involved in making the Userpatch, particularly scripter64

WAIFor for the WTEP modding patch and Tunnel Mod Kit

The_Offwo, creator of Principality AI

Kor Bosch and Andrew Dunn for Age of Chivalry, which supplied the Dutch buildings and voices, the Templar Commandery, the Bohemian Wonder, the Imperial Stable, the Cranequinier, supplying the Swiss and Italian voices in the proper format, and the icon for the pike square

Jorgito_aqua27, for creating graphics used for the Tiefutu, Chimor Warrior, Ruiter, Howdah, Slave Trader, Lancer, Guecha, Doppelsoldner, Almogavar, Bedouin Raiders, Cuauhtli, and one of the new spearmen in the Pike Square, all from his reskin mod The Ruined Great Keep is Weathertop, from his Graphic Pack, and the Saddle Horse was created by him. He also created the Lush Cliffs.

Tzontlimixtli, for his excellent Indian Building Set, as well as the Tufan Wonder and Akali Outpost

The Tales of Middle-Earth team for the White Wolf

Pesquiera for the feudal age Italian buildings, and his Graphic Pack, which supplied the Plant 5 and 6, Meadow Grass, the alternate Cathedral, Cobblestone bridges, Granite Rocks, alternate Pyramid, Wheat Sheaves, Thicket Tree, Birch Tree, Cranberry Bush, Shrub, Small Rocks, and Longhouse

Courtjester1, for his Swiss Pikeman, used in the Pike Square

Furik91, for the Vytis graphics, his Mounted Skirmisher and Trade Shop

The Total War expansion team (particularly Furik, Pesqueira, and Monsterslayer), for the Magyar buildings, feudal age Viking set, Byzantine feudal dock, barracks, archery range, and blacksmith.

Mongol/Hun buildings by TriRem,Monsterslayer, and Pesquiera (Feudal TC center)

TriRem for the oriental Lancer and Savaran

The_Nomad for the Byzantine Monastery

Guiomar for the Imperial Age Byzantine Town Center

Jan_dc/Den cekke for the Chimu Wonder and War Temple, as well as the other Byzantine buildings

Sangwhi for the Chinese/Korean Imperial Age buildings as well as the Paved Platform and Tile Design

Achesun for the Ayrudzi, Camel Archer, Horon, Hajduk, Nihang (originally for PCM) Friar and Noblewoman graphics, as well as the new Mastiff

Khan Ivayl for the grey wolf graphic, his Transylvanian Wolf as well as the Bagain and Bulgar Wonder

Agamemnon, who supplied the Angkor Wat and many eye candy graphics in his expansion,: Dandelions, Dark Ground, Desert Patch, Fallen Leaves, Forest Floor, Lava Rock Terrain, Lush Grass Patch, Marsh, Meadow Wildflowers, Mountains (Blue, Brown, Tropical), Snow Dirt Patch, Snow Patch, Volcanic Rock Tall Grass Patch, Terrain Volcanic Vent, Volcano and White Flowers. He also created a Stone Circle and the Slave Market, his Bazaar

The X King for a Stone Circle, an interpretation of Stonehenge

Webbird for Celtica, the source of several editor objects: Ancient Wall, Ancient Fortification, Ancient Tower, Barrows, Celtic Cross, Celtic Standing Stone, Celtic Stone, Mounds, one of the Stone Circles, and Timber Bridges.

The Expanding Fronts team for the concept of neutral locations, as well as eye candy including the Blueberry Bush, Dry Lush Plant, Fir Tree, Fountain, Garden Flowers, Gooseberry Bush, Grass Clump, Kaong, Heavy Rain and Snow, Holly Tree, Jungle Ruins, Juniper Tree, Large Rock Formation, Lilies 2, Marsh Grass, Marsh Tree, Palm tree, Stone Pine tree, Reeds, Rock Arches, Sandstone Wall, Sallowthorn Bush, Seamount, Swamp Trees, Tropical Tree, Rainforest Tree, Stalagmites 6-8, Obelisk 1-2, broken obelisk 1-2, Charred Ruins, Dogwood Tree, Bog Tree, Jungle, Red, Sandy, Snowy, and Volcanic Cliffs, and assorted rocks (Brown, Green, Frost, Jungle, Snow, Volcanic, and 9)

The Battles of Middle-Earth Team for assorted editor objects: Burial Mound, Caged Wolf, Coins, Fen Tree, Flowers, Forage Mushrooms, Goods, Heroic Statue, Isabel of Conches, Lantern, Large Mountains, Mossy Wall, Pavilions, Rotten Stump, Rushes, Small Rock, Stone Arches, Stalagmites, White Horse, and Waterfall, Small

LucasArts, as some eye candy was borrowed from Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds: Flower Bed 2, Frozen Plant, Lava patch, Lava Bubble, Lava Terrain, Lilies, Plant 2-4, Maple Tree, Mountains (Desert, Green, Snow, Volcanic), Redcurrant Bush, Redwood Tree, Rocks 2-8, Sea Rocks 3 and 4, Stalagmites 2-5, and the Granite Cliffs.

The Napoleonic Era team for the Swiss voices

Keisari Tapsa for creating Advanced Genie Editor 3

Hawk_Ruralist for making Turtle Pack

Dave_earl wrote a tutorial for creating install scripts

Daniel Pereira for incorporating UserPatch into the installer and the Trestle Gun graphics, as well as the Extended Trigger Patch

Wildfire Studios’ Rome at War for the Standing Stone, Tents, Castellum, and Ancient Bridges

Jatayu/Sword_of_STORM for the four in one mod, which partially inspired the pike square

The X King for a frame of the Weapon Racks

Charging Knight for the Gardens, Weapon Racks, Trade Goods A-E from his extracts from other games and Papyrus Reeds

Bala Arizalu for the Khmer and Bulgar jingles, the fixed Boar, Camel, and Kamayuk

Elitesaboteur for the Viet jingle

R_V_A for his Viking Buildings, which supplied the Cave Entrance, Cave, Runestone, and Wrecked Longship

Sebastien for the Steep Cliffs

Possidon for the Bonsho Bell

Admiral_Loki for the Campfire

Mahazona for the Templar, Bedouin Scout, Autumn Trees, and Stradiot

BullsWool for the Abbey

Dave3377 for the original Wagenburg, as well as the Corsair

Iron gc for the Taborite

AnimalMan for the Corsair Ship

scenario_t_c for the Market Stalls

Shyam prasad for the Message Post and Korsvirkeshus

The Vampire Slayer/Tevious for the Fish (Shark)

Gallas for No Rush and Terror of the Dragon, the original sources for NR and Dragon maps and the Dragon and Dragon Nest graphics. Also the Shark, based on Supa's civ3 shark pack.

Nera, for the City Rampart, Ruined Castle, and the Citadel, his Middle Eastern Fortress

Spectore for the Shade, his Shadow Knight

sir_leinad, for the Motte and Bailey, his first castle

Franto for the Waterfall, Rapids

The Free Company Headquarters was a group effort, with work by Furik91, Monsterslayer, and crbenne

Monsterslayer for the Imperial Stable

The Than Co was taken from HawkAoc

LeutnantKrengel for the Gun Mahout, his Elephant Gunner

Croaker72 for the Open Graves

Topknot for the Sakura, originally the Asian Cherry Tree

Revned for the Apple and Pear Trees

Ronin for the Paved Bridges

Timm Freitag for the Grave 2 and Bronze Obelisk, originally from Druids and Grails

Borthorth for assorted fixes from GoodKings Fix

TheReporter for the Mameluke death fix

Giullianus_kun for the Autumn leaves

Anyone who has given feedback! A probably incomplete list of such people in no particular order includes HockeySam18, TriRem, MrMew, Arnas, Usac, John the Late, adamproxdude33, Steelion69, danielpereira, Mahazona, Kor, Tzontlimixtli, Aleph, BarbarianKnight, Bala Arizalu, elitesaboteur, devagrawal09, marathon, Nguyenmaithu, Tronquetete, Jineapple, Kuschelmonster, farukon, Jakobi Kid, devagrawal09, ◭ϞƔϞ◮, Deathcounter_, Jara, and nhoobish

With so much history in AoK modding, this list might be missing a few names. If that’s the case apologies, and feel free to alert me of the fact!


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