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In the Next Release, The nations will be reorganized. This is the Preview of those nations.

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The nations will be reorganized. This is so I can have more exclusive Units per side, and to balance things out. In Normal YR, there are 5 allies, 4 Soviets and 1 Yuri. I will have 3 Allies, 3 Soviets, and 2 Yuris, and Civie Units and structures you can capture. Each Nation will have some special set of two units that focus on a theme.
The Allies Focus on theaters, Soviets on Tactics, and Yuri on Personality.
Here are the list on the new nations and there Focus

United States (Naval Power)
European Union(Ground Forces)
Asian Defense Agency (Air Control)

USSR Red Army(Tesla Surge)
Southern Revolution Force(Missile Massacre)
Guardians of the East (Rad Revolution

"Conquer Army"(Psychic Domination)
"Command Army"(Technical Superiority)

Civilian Armory

I hope you Enjoy the Beta, and Stay for the Silver Release, Coming Soon.

feillyne Staff

Cool to hear. :-D Will Tech/Civilian Armory be a playable faction or only a campaign/capturable faction?

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Jason_Zombolt Author

Actually, taking a page from a scraped mod I failed at, the beginning of the yuri campaign will use Civilian units, and the civie armory will be found on scrim as well.

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