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Here we will discuss Radiaton and Sanity as the core gameplay elements.

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Radiation and Sanity can be also found on the Demented Wiki.


The unique feature in this game is the sanity. This is caused by a condition in his brain, he has a brain tumor that controls the celebral part of the brain (eyesight and the region of the brain for feelings, sense of reality, everything that makes a person sociable) and makes him insane and hallucinate if he doesn't take his pills for it. This will make the gameplay intense, because the lower your sanity bar is (The bar is decresing every second by a small amount), the more monsters and things will come after you, This will make 2 things: Intense gameplay, and constant looking for pills. If the player has reached 3% sanity, he has 2 minutes to find the pills. Except pills you can "relieve" and get the sanity bar up, by hurting yourself. "Sanity" Does:

  • Makes the player hallucinate things.
  • Spawns critters ("They can, and they will hurt you", the lower the sanity the more monsters, and objects will come to hunt you)
  • Decreased vision field. (Depends on the %(percentage) of the players sanity)
  • Lowers your mental condition (Higlighting of things will be drastically decresed)
  • 45% Monsters starts start spawning
  • 25% - Walk/Sprint slower
  • 15% - Disabling the ability to sprint
  • 10% - Black/White picture
  • 5% - "C-Condition" - You will be very fast, you will ignore pain of the monsters (This means you won't be effected if a monster pushes you, for example but you will recive damage), ability to see far objects, medication will be hightlighted.
  • *By hurting yourself you can go down to 15% of your HP (hitpoints). Every self-injury gives the sanity bar 20% sanity but you lose 7-12% of your HP, but the lower your HP is, the slower you walk, and sprint.
  • You cannot injure yourself if you have more then 75% of sanity.


The second unique feature in this game is the radiation, which is in relation with sanity and your health. The radition effects the gamplay a lot, and the player can use it in many ways, but it has a big side effect on the player as well. So using it can help a great deal, but it can cause devestating problems later, in some cases, push you to go trought vigorous paths. But it can give you huge rewards, and more story telling in many cases. The biggest advantage is that radiation can temporally slow or stop sanity from decaying! Note*: The play can avoid most of the radiation!Radiation Effects:

  • Slows, or stops sanity from decaying. Depends on the percentage of the radiation. If you are irradiated with more then 75 REMs of radiation your sanity doesn't decay anymore.
  • Even with little radiation you lose little health. It depends on the percentage of the radiation. If you, for example have 100REMs you will lose 0,715 HP per second. (Radiation รท (60seconds * 2,33)).
  • 40+ REMs - Occasionally image blurring, and noises in head.
  • 85+REMs - Walk/Sprint a lot slower, bad reflexes, decresed hearing.
  • 120+ REMs - Blurry vision, decresed vision field, you have 17% chance of falling every 80/125 seconds
  • 200+ REMs - 49% chance of falling every 65/90 seconds, probable high blurry image from time to time, very slow walking and sprinting. hallucinations and loud noises

Radiation Uses:

  • The biggest advantage is blocking or slowing your sanity decaying.
  • Some monsters can't stand radiation at all. This can be used to escape or confuse the monster. But some love radiation and can already be in the irradieted room!
  • You can heal sanity with radiation completly. There are 3 ways:
  • The first one is with a syringe. This gives (45/95% of sanity (this is made random, because it cannot always be effective) and 5/29REMs. It takes 1/2 minute(s) to actually starts working, so this is not the solution if you have less then 2% of sanity.
  • The second way is trought the "radiation chamber". In the map, these radiation chambers are locked or inaccessible. It is quite a challenge to get in one of them but if you manage, you get. 100% sanity, 2/7REMs. Also there are some story or side information, but this is not crucial for understanding nor needed. The process takes 8 seconds, ingame time (20 minutes). There is 25% chance that after you wake up, you will hear a monster trying to enter, which he will succeed. The player has 1 minute before it enteres.
  • The third way is via a AREM pill. It gives you (10/33% of sanity (also made random, but it is more likely to be lower numbers, between 10/20%)). This pill comes in effect immediately after taking it.
  • There are a lot of irradiated rooms, and they can be used to slow the radiation, but these rooms have high RPS(Radiation per Second) and can cause high level of REM in a quick time.
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