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A brief overview of the races and their features in Codex Edition.

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Chaos Space Marines

An army of experienced yet fearful fighters, the fear of god is present within all of these warriors for failure here means more than simply dying unforgotten, it means their soul being torn asunder by creatures of the warp. They are still susceptible to suppression but are more resistant than most mortal enemies as a result of their superhuman fortitude.

Chaos Lord of Khorne

The Chaos Lord of Khorne acts as an offensive melee powerhouse, with a large variety of disruption and sustaining abilities such as life-steal on hit and a Dark Halo, which when combined with an axe that can allow him to drain energy can make him a very powerful early game melee hero, he has options for further development and larger crowd control in the form of the Dark Maul and various other utility items, including an Icon Of Khorne, allowing him to inspire dread in all the foes around him, causing them to cower in fear and making them easy prey for the taking.

Chaos Lord of Nurgle

The Chaos Lord of Nurgle acts as an offensive melee tank, whilst also dealing heavy damage his slow speed as a result of his bloated frame means he cannot always catch up to his foes, he does however inflict horrific damage upon anyone foolish enough to get close to him, with the option to unleash a swarm of Destroyers, plague-bearing flies capable of peeling apart flesh, armour and bone within seconds and even threatening the superhuman physiology of the Adeptus Astartes.

Chaos Lord of Tzeentch

The Chaos Lord of Tzeentch is an offensive ranged/melee hero designed for disruption and support, whilst lacking the durability of his fellow Chaos Lords he provides a wide variety of AoE spells and disruption spells such as the Chains of Torment and Synaptic Control amongst others which allow him to take control of the battlefield, disrupting key units and unleashing powerful psychic attacks capable of obliterating his foes.

Chaos Cultists

Chaos Cultists provide worshiping support and ranged assistance to their Chaos Astartes overlords, they come with a relatively weak loadout of just autoguns but can be upgraded to a vast number of specialist weapons, once in Tier 2 they can also construct shrines which will passively summon Daemons and various other abilities based on commander used in order to give Chaos a suitable method of controlling an area. Through the use of worship they can also invoke incantations to summon Chaos Spawn, mutants of the warp, to provide destructive melee support for the Chaos Space Marine faction in the early game.

Chaos Mutants

Chaos Mutants are a melee focused variation of the cultists, providing deadly melee prowess and support to the faction for a relatively low cost, they also come with the ability to blow themselves up to suppress and destroy nearby units, build shrines and deploy a support Chaos Marine squad leader to give them extra resilience whilst charging into close combat.

Chaos Space Marine Squad

Chaos Space Marines come with the resilience expected of Astartes and the powerful bolter, giving them ranged firepower unmatched by any other unit once within range bar those with heavier weapons, they come with an upgrade for whichever Chaos Lord you choose to give them the bonuses of their god, whether this be improved melee resilience and damage, improved ranged firepower or the ability to self heal, they are also able to upgrade to Chaos Undivided, giving them the option to break from suppression, as unlike Loyalists, they are very much at peril in failure - dying in service to the Dark Gods runs the very real risk of your soul being thrown to Daemons to tear asunder. They are also able to equip several specialist weapons to give them versatility as one might expect from an Astartes squad as well as a Squad Leader in the form of a Chaos Space Marine veteran, who provides additional firepower and melee support. They also come with Smoke and Fragmentation grenades, allowing them to truly dictate how their tactical deployment will play out.

Chaos Havoc Squad

Very similar to the Chaos Space Marine Squad albeit with a larger focus on heavy weapons, allowing them to bring to bear the various arms that Astartes have used over the millennia to deal with large infantry forces, armour and even artillery support with frag missiles. They provide the same durability as all Astartes but lack melee prowess due to the weight of their heavy weapons, they will still handily beat mortal foes in melee however, but enemies such as Ork Sluggas that would be unable to beat regular Astartes will have a much easier time beating down these warriors, as they are unable to utilize their full strength to fight back. They come with similar upgrades such as a hero unit, chaos divination upgrades and weaponry. They also suffer from suppression, as their fear of failure causes them to hesitate rather than throw themselves to their deaths blindly.

Chaos Raptor Squad

Designed to inflict devastating injuries and surprise the enemy, Raptors provide rapid response melee with a jetpack as well as devastating bolt pistol fire at close range, capable of obliterating squishier squads such as Tau Firewarriors or Imperial Guardsmen at close range, these terrifying warriors inflict suppression upon foes they are engaged in melee with, which can allow them to cleave through hordes of enemies several times their number and emerge successfully. They come with similar upgrades to the other units, with an ability to specialize in your chosen commander's Chaos God or assign themselves to Chaos Undivided. They also suffer from suppression, as their fear of failure causes them to hesitate rather than throw themselves to their deaths blindly.


The rhino provides on-field support and transportation for larger maps as well as frag and smoke grenades to allow it to support and disrupt enemy weapons teams, it is vulnerable to anti-vehicle fire but comes with an ability to go full speed and ram into enemy squads, capable of devastating weaker squads but will do little to an Astartes.

Bloodletters of Khorne

Bloodletters of Khorne are devastating melee foes, unparalleled in deadliness against all foes once within close range, they can reach this with their warp phase shift which allows them to hop out of the material realm, close the distance and engage in melee - in melee they will tear apart all foes, including hostile commanders with ease, they are vulnerable to flames and once Grey Knights are implemented, will be vulnerable to psy_melee type weapons, enabling them to be defeated soundly by the Emperor's hard-counter to the Daemons. They can also teleport, are immune to suppression and are generally a fantastic squad to disrupt your foes.

Chaos Dreadnought

A powerful melee walker with the option to upgrade to several heavy weapons as well as Chaos marks, allowing it to become a deadly melee unit or provide ranged support in the form of anti-vehicle, anti-troop or artillery fire with various weapons. Also comes with a charge ability which allows it to disrupt enemy formations or evade incoming fire.

Bloodcrusher of Khorne

A powerful melee unit designed to sprint across a battlefield and tie up enemy units, it will not last long against dedicated anti-vehicle weapons but provides daemonic melee power, able to pierce all known armour and threaten even tanks once in range.

Khorne Berserkers

Sharing in the unrivaled fury of their commander and the Blood God, these units are only available under the Chaos Lord of Khorne and provide devastating melee damage unparalleled by any unit bar assault terminators and apocalypse-tier unis such as the Avatar or Great Unclean One - these terrifying warriors suppress nearby foes and cause heavy melee damage capable of tearing apart anything in their path, they are more than a match for any infantry unit and can quickly rip through entire armies if supported properly with worship or clever positioning.

Plague Marines

Sharing in the blessed worship of their commander and the God of Decay, these units are only available under the Chaos Lord of Nurgle and provide devastating ranged firepower against light infantry, their damage over time weapons and plague missiles allow them to obliterate squads with a chance for enemy units killed by them to return as plague zombies to attack their former comrades and assist the Plaguefather, these mighty warriors are immune to suppression and can engage at further range than most Astartes but are lacking in close combat due to the pestilence causing difficulty in motion.

Rubric Marines

These warriors provide unparalleled firepower against all but vehicular armour, their daemonic bolts blasting through power armour like paper and blowing apart the marines within, they are capable of annihilating all forms of heavy infantry with ease as well as possessing increased ranged engagement distances than other squads, they are immune to suppression and can be given a Sorcerer commander to allow them to use psychic disruption abilities to aid their power in ranged firefights even further.

Chosen CSM Combat Squad

These mighty veterans have served the Dark Gods since the Siege of Terra ten millennia ago and have come prepared, they are devastating warriors whilst being just as flexible as regular Astartes, capable of equipping a vast variety of specialist weapons including, soon, Volkite weaponry once those are finished, they will be absolutely devastating ranged units, limited only by their vulnerability to suppression fire as a result of their fear to fail in the eyes of the Gods.


A fire support vehicle capable of obliterating all it strikes, vehicles and infantry alike - the downside is a long reload time and relatively short range, but the vehicle provides invaluable heavy fire support against fortifications and infantry blobs for the Chaos Legions.


The predator functions much like the loyalist one, putting down devastating barrages of fire with its mighty autocannons and heavy bolters to obliterate infantry and light vehicles, it can be upgraded to deploy Lascannons in order to more effectively engage armour at the cost of effectiveness against light infantry, the lascannons will however provide a devastating effect against any Space Marine or Ork Nob units it is used against, as the units are large enough to consistently track with the mighty weapons systems of the venerable Predator.

Great Unclean One

A daemon of unrivaled power relative to the scale of battle, this mighty beast can tear asunder entire armies with a host of abilities and devastating melee, it is only challenged in direct combat by the Avatar Of Khaine for no other unit could hope to stand up to this beast of the warp in single combat bar one of equal might.

Chaos Terminator Squad

A squad of veterans equipped with terminator armour and mighty weapons designed to obliterate tanks and infantry, they are expensive but provide an armoured fist to destroy a specific area of the map or hold the line against several times their number, they can crush infantry by charging into them and put down a withering barrage of fire.

Land Raider Phobos

The Land Raider Phobos provides anti-vehicle fire at incredible ranges based upon the mighty and durable Land Raider pattern of vehicles, it can reliably engage heavy tanks and medium tanks but will lack any real bite against vehicles such as the Tau Hammerhead due to the increased range and speed of the railgun or the mighty frontal armour of the Baneblade.

Space Marines

An army of almost entirely suppression immune Astartes, they have a good mix of firepower, durability and mobility but cost a lot - losing a single model can be a hard hit to your economy.

Force Commander

A venerable veteran of the chapter with several centuries of experience, he leads the Space Marine task-force from the front, armed by default with power sword and bolt pistol, he can be upgraded with a vast variety of various wargear items including Terminator armour and a Powerfist & Wrist Mounted Stormbolter. He is designed to be a melee tank, providing durable melee support and disruption.


A senior chaplain, leading from the front and inspiring dread in his foes, he comes with a wide variety of wargear options but is mostly designed for melee support, not necessarily always being the best choice to rush into melee, sometimes his battle cry is best served used next to his brothers to grant them increased damage resistance, increased ranged damage or improved accuracy, yet sometimes the time for close combat is called for, and armed with the mighty Crozius, he can charge into battle and slay with the best of them.

Senior Epistolary

The senior librarian of the Chapter, this powerful melee/ranged support hero is built entirely around being a glass cannon, with numerous abilities that can allow him to devastate entire armies with his psychic powers, he is nearly unparalleled in his potential to wreak havoc upon the enemy but will quickly be brought low in a contest of physical strength without upgrades, both loyal and questionably heretical which may have unforeseen side effects.

Scout Squad

Designed for light combat and scouting operations, scout marines are ill-suited to heavy firefights but are more than capable of springing devastating ambushes with their Bolters at close range, using stealth kits to close the distance. They are also devastating against light foes including Ork Boyz in melee, using their superhuman physique even without the assistance of power armour to throw their enemies aside as they beat them down with the fury of Astartes whose potential is only just beginning to shine. They come with several weapon upgrades and fragmentation grenades as well as a Sergeant for increased resistance to suppression and improved accuracy, as well as an extra special weapon.

Tactical Marine Squad

A squad of post-human warriors who provide deadly ranged firepower at close ranges as well as inhuman resilience and will to fight, immune to suppression and resistant to many forms of stun, the Astartes of the chapter provide the main backbone of the force that fights this day, they come with a wide variety of weapon upgrades much like their Traitor cousins as well as a Sergeant, armed with a Chainsword for melee support and a one-handed bolter. They also come with Smoke and Fragmentation grenades, allowing them to truly dictate how their tactical deployment will play out.

Devastator Marine Squad

Providing heavy fire support, devastators are very similar to Chaos Havocs but are immune to suppression, the can get a Sergeant to give them the ability to sprint, removing the need to setup before firing for a few seconds, allowing them to press the assault, they are immune to suppression, carry grenades and have several weapon upgrades allowing them to better deal with infantry, armour or both.

Assault Marine Squad

Close combat specialists armed with grenades and Chainswords as well as bolt pistols, these terrifying warriors leap across the sky and into close combat with their enemy, against certain units they are also devastatingly effective with their pistols - blasting apart the foe at close range before charging into melee to force off an enemy squad. They come as with all units of Astartes origin with several upgrades and a sergeant.

Secondary HQ Choice - Apothecary

Acting as the only method by which Astartes can heal outside of back at base, Apothecaries provide combat healing to increase the sustainability of an Astartes force, they also carry virulent toxin grenades and can deploy a standard bearer and company champion to bolster their ability to fight in melee and inspire nearby units to increase their damage output.

Secondary HQ Choice - Techmarine Squad

A techmarine and combat servitors deployed to build structures to allow us to hold down more regions of the map, especially important given that Astartes squads are limited to one of each, limiting the manpower they can bring to the field. The turrets provide vital area lock-down tools, are quickly deployed and cost little, the Techmarine can also equip a variety of tools to increase his effectiveness in combat at both range and melee.

Razorback Transport

Functioning as a mobile respawn point, the Razorback provides fire support with a heavy bolter and optional lascannon upgrade for early AV support.


A close combat walker designed for disruption, ranged support and melee damage. This unit inspires nearby units when it kills enemies, making it a devastating support unit for a melee army as it inspires those around it to even greater feats of strength.

Vanguard Veteran Squad

Assault Marine veterans from the first company, these warriors are without peer - fitted with the mighty Mark 8 Power Armour, they are more resilient than most squads and carry into battle some of the most deadly weapons of the Astartes armory, allowing them to cleave apart their foes and even vehicles if caught off-guard. They can upgrade to Lightning Claws for even greater effect against infantry, though less against vehicles.

Sternguard Veteran Squad

Veterans from the first company, these tactical marines are versatile in every sense of the word, coming with a variety of grenades, bolter ammunition for several tasks and improved accuracy as well as increased range with upgrades, they can also deploy Stormbolters to massively increase the squad's firepower and a Sternguard Sergeant to give them temporary resistance to incoming ranged damage outside of cover.


The rhino provides in-field reinforcements albeit without any fire support, it allows transport of units and comes with a frag and smoke grenade launcher to support units in the field.

Heavy Support Vehicle

This vehicle can be upgraded into either a Whirlwind or a Vindicator, providing different versions of fire support to the Astartes, either superb for bunker busting or area denial/area disruption, with the option to deploy Castellan Missiles on the Whirlwind to obliterate squads with a sea of promethium.


Putting down a devastating rain of fire, the predator functions identically to the Chaos variant - giving a heavy vehicle with fantastic anti-infantry and anti-vehicle options to the faction.

Venerable Dreadnought

A hero of the chapter interred in a much stronger Dreadnought, this unit can provide all the same boosts as a regular dreadnought with similar upgrades but comes with the added bonus of temporary immortality once hitting 0 HP, this lasts for 8 seconds but can only be used once - this allows the dreadnought to escape battle and, if repaired in time, survive the encounter to fight on but if not repaired, will detonate - killing it.

Terminator Veteran Squad

Veterans of the first company equipped in terminator armour, they provide immeasurably powerful ranged DPS against infantry targets and even vehicles when equipped with Cyclone missile launchers, a sergeant provides an ability to double ranged DPS, allowing them to truly act as an army of five with a barrage of bolt shells.

Assault Terminator Veteran Squad

Devastating close combat troops armed with heavy armour and thunderhammers, can also be given lightning claws to tear through enemy infantry much faster - they are devastating, terrifying foes that can cut apart almost any enemy.

Land Raider

The mighty Land Raider provides versatile and varied options to the Astartes, coming with a few patterns - Crusader, Redeemer and Proteus amongst others to obliterate different targets, this allows a great deal of versatility to the vehicle, allowing it to be kitted out to the needs of the battlefield once deployed.


An army of squishy but brave warriors, what they lack in physical strength they can more than make up for in their speed and DPS, being able to outgun almost all other races if they catch them unawares thanks to their devastatingly high rates of fire, the Eldar units also benefit from passive stealth - allowing them to setup in cover and go invisible, setting up an ambush for their foe.

Spirit Seer

This mighty leader of the Eldar provides psychic power and melee prowess both, he comes with a wide variety of wargear and potent psychic strikes which allows him to deal devastating damage to single targets and squads, he can be upgraded to specialize either in ranged or melee combat.


A venerable warrior who has mastered several paths of the warrior, allowing them to deploy various wargear items from various shrines, this allows them to become a true hybrid of several aspects - becoming a serious threat to all enemies on the battlefield depending on loadout, also provides devastating melee damage with poison from the Scorpion shrine, making it a deadly foe in single combat.


A psychic warrior who specializes in ranged and melee combat depending on upgrades, very squishy but very deadly, a true glass cannon who can obliterate squads with swift strikes that must be cautiously watched for, lest they obliterate an unaware squad.

Dire Avengers

Deadly ranged warriors with short ranged shuriken catapults, can be upgraded with an Exarch for increased firepower and melee support as well as shimmer shields to allow them to engage foes at range with even greater resistance to incoming fire, as well as more resistance to melee damage. Eldar units like the Dire Avenger are absolutely deadly when used right but must be used in sync with other squads or with clever play, setting up ambushes to beat many squads - they are also very lacking in melee in combat with Astartes units, due to their lack of weight or strength making it difficult to stand up to repeated blows.

Storm Guardian Squad

Militia, drawn from the Craftworld in times of desperation - these warriors can be upgraded with early fusion guns to provide light AV and deadly anti-astartes tools as well as improved melee damage against Space Marines, they are relatively expensive in terms of power but provide the ability to build energy shields - which stop 100% of incoming ranged damage ahead of the shield, allowing for incredibly powerful synergy with ranged squads in order to appropriately hold specific areas of the map.

Vaul's Wrath Support Battery

Guided by a Guardian, this powerful support weapon can be deployed with a wide variety of tools and weapons to engage all sorts of foes, with the option to deploy the impossibly deadly D-cannon in tier 3, capable of obliterating all enemies that it strikes.

Howling Banshees

This squad of all-female aspect warriors are unparalleled in melee combat in a straight up fight, moving fast enough to avoid incoming ranged fire as well as melee blows whilst striking back with incredible finesse, capable of knocking even Astartes on their back, they can unleash a fearsome scream which shuts down the ability for enemy units to fight back, allowing them to carve through their enemy. When upgraded with an Exarch, they are truly deadly - the spear wielded by the Exarch is able to pierce all forms of armor.

Secondary HQ - Seer Council

A council of warlocks designed for both psychic and physical support as well as healing and disruption, these warriors provide additional melee support and support for any wraith units being deployed, healing nearby wraiths for 100 HP with every kill they make.

Warp Spiders

These mystic warriors carry the Deathspinner, a monofilament weapon capable of tearing through armour and flesh with ease, they can teleport, deploy haywire grenades to disrupt vehicles and even threaten enemies in melee with powerful claws, they are a deadly assault squad which can appear, kill the enemy and disappear with incredible speed.

Fire Dragons

Fire Dragons are brutal anti-vehicle specialists, capable of deploying the mighty fusion gun and, with an exarch, firepikes to destroy armour and infantry alike, they can also deploy flamers to burn enemy squads such as Guardsmen or Orks.

Striking Scorpions

Assassins without peer, they carry chainsabres tipped with poison that can defeat all known resistances, including Tyranids, these warriors are built entirely to counter single squads or model squads such as Commanders, poisoning and letting them die of their wounds after a quick flurry of strikes followed by a rapid escape, they also wear some of the heaviest aspect armour, allowing them to resist bolter fire with ease.


An ancient warrior, fallen in battle yet serving once more, the wraithlord can challenge almost all forms of infantry and vehicle once in range, including outclassing dreadnoughts, it can equip a wide variety of ranged weapons and upgrades to make it far more deadly and is greatly supported by warlocks and the spirit seer, allowing it to achieve even greater feats of strength in the name of the Eldar.

Falcon Grav Tank

An armoured vehicle designed to provide light fire support to the Eldar as well as transportation, it is relatively simplistic but carries several upgrades including an energy shield.

Fire Prism

The fire prism is the deadliest of all Eldar vehicles, while having limited upgrades in the form of a simplistic engine to allow jumps and a shield generator, the fire prism can defeat all forms of armour and knock infantry back with repeated blasts of the prism cannon, which can be fired either in focused mode or disruptive mode, for more damage or more knockback respectively.

Lesser Avatar of Khaine

This avatar of Kaela Mensha Khaine is deadly - capable of unleashing blasts of molten fury that tear apart all known enemy units as well as passively burning nearby enemies, its strikes are capable of piercing all armour, causing knockback and destroying vehicles with ease.


A psychic Wraithlord equipped with several support and disruption abilities, allowing it to fight significantly greater threats than a Wraithlord.

Webway Gate Units

Ranger Squad

Powerful snipers armed with disruption abilities and an exarch for greater melee and ranged prowess, several of these squads can be deployed to inflict crippling blows against heavy units such as Astartes with precise volleys of las-fire.

Harlequin Squad

These terrifying Eldar are some of the deadliest known melee combatants, capable of going toe to toe with any squad as well as deploying terrifying hallucinogenic grenades, which can cause enemy units to begin fighting each-other in confusion, making them easy pickings for the likes of the Harlequins.


Wraithguard provide deadly ranged firepower with their D-weapons and later, D-scythes, designed entirely to obliterate infantry and stationary targets.


Wraithblades provide heavy melee damage in an armoured package, resistance to enemy ranged fire and a warlock commander allows them to tear apart enemy units in close combat.

Imperial Guard

Weak individually, what these troops lack in individual prowess they can make up for with numbers and heavy vehicles, they also benefit from a rebate for each model killed, allowing them to sustain casualties and continue onward and upward.

Lord General

A field commander with several aides to allow him to better lead his men, call in reinforcements and off-map artillery, he is extremely squishy and ill-suited to any sort of fighting except against the most rudimentary of enemies by nature of his stature as a squishy human, but he can lead his men to victory with powerful support abilities and call-ins.

Guardsman Squad

These soldiers are weak alone but devastating in large numbers, able to upgrade cheaply to commanders which provide significant buffs - which can apply to the entire army with support of a vox operator nearby - these soldiers can seem useless, but are deadly in the right hands - able to outgun all enemies they come up against and reinforce in the middle of combat if the enemy is not prepared to counter them. They are exceptionally vulnerable in melee without a commissar to activate the execution buff.

Hardened Veteran Squad

Veterans of the regiment with the option to deploy a regimental hero, these men are without equal and can unleash absolutely devastating firepower for men of their stature, able to go toe to toe with even Space Marines under specific conditions, their various weapons and tools allow them to quickly specialize in several roles, from anti-vehicle grenadiers to long range snipers, they are a truly devastating squad in the right hands.

Heavy Weapons Team

Capable of putting down suppression fire and anti-vehicle fire, these units form the backbone of any guard force once the vehicles start rolling in.

Ogryn Squad

Specialist melee troops which can beat down even the mighty Space Marines, these ten foot tall behemoth ab-humans are deadly warriors who will gladly charge into combat with their enemy if it means saving their friends in the Imperial Guard, they are known to be selfless warriors even if only out of stupidity and will gladly risk life and limb, especially with a bone 'ead leading them, in order to stop the enemy - being able to charge and break out of suppression if the need arises.

Techpriest Squad

Providing invaluable construction and defensive structure support, the Techpriest is capable of deploying heavy turrets, multi-las turrets and heavy bolter turrets to lock down regions of the field as well as additional buildings to give the Imperial Guard a much better chance of holding the line.

Scout Sentinel

Armed with the same tools as the later armoured sentinel, the scout sentinel is much more exposed to enemy fire but can be upgraded with an auspex sensor to allow it to ping enemies and search for hostile, cloaked foes across the battlefield.


A transport vehicle which allows the guard to deploy in the field, this transport allows guardsmen within to fire the guns on the side as well as providing a powerful multi-las turret to provide fire support against infantry.

Hellhound (Variants)

This vehicle pattern has several versions, the Hellhound, Devil Dog and Banewolf which allow it to specialize either in anti-infantry with flames, anti-vehicle with a melta cannon or anti-infantry with a slow effect but less damage, this tank is very versatile and thus should be specifically adapted for the situation at hand.

Kasr'Kin Squad

Veteran warriors, almost identical to stormtroopers, they carry heavy weapons and specialist tools such as hellguns and plasma guns in great number to allow them to obliterate tough enemies, albeit with the squishyness inherent of the Imperial Guard, thus they cannot effectively melee nor stand up to heavy fire.

Armoured Sentinel

Similar to the Scout Sentinel but minus the Auspex upgrade and with more durability.

Leman Russ Main Battle Tank

An extremely versatile tank with a huge array of upgrades, this tank can be kitted out with several weapons which allow it to apply to multiple situations, from the Vanquisher cannon to defeat armour to the Plasma Executioner to destroy heavy infantry.

The Baneblade

This tank needs no introduction, it is without equal in both armour and firepower barring some Xenos vehicles - it drives across the land obliterating all foes, but is vulnerable to close range AV weapons due to the maximum turning radius on its guns, thus requiring infantry escort to protect it adequately at close range.


These units are weak individually against heavier units such as Astartes but make up for this with sheer volume of numbers and squad leaders to provide suppression breaking abilities and the devastating WAAGH! ability, boosting a squad's damage by a fixed percentage depending on the amount of fellow squads nearby that also activate WAAGH!, this allows the Orks a devastating ability when blobbed up, truly acting as a green tide.


A powerful melee commander with several upgrades to increase deadliness and utility, he is capable of buffing nearby Orks with his strikes and charge across the field, creating cover for his boys. He is a tanky hero designed for straight up fights, as he is rather slow and can be kited with proper micro.


A stealthy melee unit with devastating ambush attacks, capable of deploying explosives which can detonate with enough force to threaten even the mighty Space Marines, can be upgraded with a huge variety of wargear and support options as well as stun grenades and fragmentation grenades.


A long range support hero, with many, many specialist weapons and tools to allow him to support the Boyz beside him, he can teleport and disrupt a ranged squad momentarily to allow his lads to get into range and pummel the enemy properly.

Slugga Boyz

Mostly disposable warriors, but capable fighters once in melee. Can be upgraded with several tools to improve resilience and speed, making them very deadly against light infantry, but they will struggle without a numerical advantage against power armoured foes.

Shoota Boyz

Absolutely deadly in large numbers, capable of passively suppressing with a volley of fire and upgrading with several ranged weapons to allow them to even threaten tanks, this Mob of Boyz can threaten large armies, although is very vulnerable to flamers and suppression as well as melee, though they will handily beat a squad of Guardsmen in melee.

Burna Boyz

A more limited variety of the Slugga Boyz built entirely for burning, their melee attacks are significantly better against power armour as they use their flamers with a high powered welding mode, cutting through the armour and severing limbs.


Assault units, very similar to Sluggaz but with a jump pack and several upgrades that can make them on-par with many other assault units.

Nobz Squad

Designed entirely as a counter to heavy units like Astartes, the Nobz provide brute strength and speed to the Orkz in early game, cutting apart almost all units albeit vulnerable to plasma weapons and suppression.


Suppression units with options for anti-vehicle and AoE attack weapons, they are devastating ranged units used to support Orks in their advances.

Tank Bustas

Anti-vehicle shootas, armed with rokkits which can have great effect on large units such as Space Marines and Terminators, but will lack against light infantry.

Deff Dread

A brutal melee walker armed with saws and several melee weapons, works best in large numbers as, imposing as it is, it is no match for the strength of a proper walker such as a Dreadnought or a Wraithlord, and can be threatened even by the superhuman might and power armour of Astartes - especially with a meltagun to support them.


Provides in-field reinforcement and fire support, a light buggy best used to reinforce Boyz when the fight isn't going your way.


Sneaky Ork Shootas with snazzguns, capable of obliterating many squads at range and firing a barrage of shells that can knock down even Astartes, comes with Burna grenades once upgraded with a Nob which can allow them to devastate light infantry squads with the correct timing.

Weird Boy

A powerful Ork Psyker that acts very much like a sub commander and a glass cannon, he can unleash devastating attacks and stuns as well as utility spells to draw enemies out and throw your lads into the fight with ease, he is a devastating commander but very vulnerable to snipers and will detonate with excess energy upon death, causing damage in an area around the corpse.

Looted Tank

A powerful looted Predator with a Kustom Kannon designed for both anti-infantry and anti-tank work, this powerful war machine can run things over, shoot things and generally obliterate the many things it can be pointed at, it is also rather inexpensive but not necessarily very durable.

Flash Gitz

The flashiest of the flash shoota nobz - armed with a wide variety of tools and can be upgraded with further, from Zzap Guns to Blasterz and other weapons which can allow them to threaten tanks, infantry or both at a lower rate of fire.

Mega Nobz

The deadliest Nobz in an Ork Mob - they are as tall as warbosses and absolutely unparalleled in close combat, capable of tearing apart even Daemons and Avatars of Khaine in single combat.

Battle Wagon

A large tank with a rolling pin to flatten infantry and murder everything around it - incredibly deadly, will lose to most tanks of the same tier (heavy tanks) but will obliterate all forms of infantry with ease.


Brutal fighters specializing in close combat, they gain resources back from casualties and can quickly overwhelm an enemy with proper play but are also vulnerable to AOE and Focus Fire, caution should be taken when using synapse creatures to prevent synaptic backlash causing the death of nearby squads.

Hive Tyrant

A powerful melee commander designed to tank damage and become an imposing presence with several upgrades that add AoE damage and powerful anti-infantry and anti-vehicular claws and weapons, he can be an absolutely devastating commander once properly kitted out - more than a match for almost any commander in single combat but is very slow.

Ravener Alpha

A devastating support commander, whilst powerful in melee many of his abilities specialize in digging the way forwards for his Tyranids, such as deploying tunnels which allow them to swarm behind an enemy position and ambush them, as well as wide variety of support tools such as extended synapse to boost the speed and damage of nearby Tyranids.

Hormagaunt Brood

A close ranged melee squad designed to draw fire and engage the enemy long enough for larger assets to close the distance, devastating to enemy units but vulnerable to flame weapons and stronger melee units such as Astartes or Eldar. Does significantly better with a Synapse creature nearby.

Termagaunt Brood

Akin to the above but at range, specializes more in poisoning and supporting from a distance. Does significantly better with a Synapse creature nearby.

Warrior Brood

Devastating close combat warriors who provide damage and speed buffs in the form of Synapse to nearby squads, disrupt nearby squads on death and cause damage to Tyranids nearby when they die, but can destroy enemy squads in melee and are only vulnerable to plasma, power and anti-tank weapons, can be suppressed.

Ripper Swarm

Designed entirely to distract an enemy, these small land piranhas can tear apart light squads such as Guardsmen but are very vulnerable to explosives and flames, which can destroy the entire squad in the blink of an eye, best used to distract an enemy long enough for the rest of the army to close the distance.

Genestealer Brood

Incredibly potent melee units, with acidic claws and incredible speed as well as stealth abilities, they can rip apart most units in seconds once engaged in close combat and are extremely fast, they are able to tear apart all but the heaviest units with their claws but are vulnerable to plasma and power weapons.


A form of artillery unit, firing spores at long range to disrupt and suppress enemy units to allow the remaining Tyranids to close the distance and engage in close combat with the enemy.


The deadliest Tyranid Bioform against the right units, it is capable of obliterating squads and armies as well as causing knockback and AOE damage to enemy units when upgraded and leveled, it is very vulnerable to snipers and melee units but can win at range against almost any other squad albeit within close ranges, as it lacks the range of many weapons.

Shovel Tusker Carnifex

A brutal and beastly Carnifex that can rip apart light vehicles and infantry with ease, protected by a hide of dense carapace, bolter shots ricochet off the armour, making it vulnerable only to plasma, anti-vehicle and power weapons.


Similar to the commander but with less potency, can leap into combat, stealth and poison enemy units albeit with no less resistance to suppression and less upgrades compared to the Lictor Prime.

Hive Guard

Armed with Impaler cannons, Hive Guard provide very powerful single-target ranged damage and are capable of very quickly meting out death to heavily armoured infantry.


A tunneling unit capable of destroying infantry quickly as well as threatening vehicles, tunneling into the earth before emerging below or behind enemy units to quickly and viciously engage and kill them, the Trygon is a deadly unit through and through and in the right hands, can obliterate squads.

Scythed Hierodule

A devastating melee Hierodule, armed with quad claws capable of tearing apart most forms of armour and infantry in close combat, a heavy exoskeleton protects it from ranged fire whilst not inhibiting mobility, allowing it to chase and threaten even the Eldar and their speedy units.

Barbed Hierodule

Similar to the above but focusing on range, capable of destroying tanks with twin venom cannons which can obliterate fortifications, infantry and tanks at range.


The apex Tyranid so far discovered, this terrifying warrior drains the morale and energy of nearby units as well as healing on strikes against his enemies, he is nigh unbeatable in close combat and must be destroyed with volleys of anti-tank, plasma and power weapons in order to properly brought low - provides synapse for nearby creatures to a much higher level, his death can wipe nearby squads with the synaptic backlash of his death, making him a very high priority target.


Ranged specialists who are unmatched in raw ranged effectiveness and firepower but are next to useless in close combat, losing even to Guardsmen in melee due to the fragile bone structure of the Tau Races, they draw in auxiliaries such as the kroot to fill this flaw in their roster however.

Tau Commander

This mighty Shas'O has fought for the Greater Good for decades and now leads the Tau in combat, leaping through the battlefield with his XV-8 Battlefield and array of deadly weapons, this warrior can fight any foe at range but is incapable of melee combat, being able only to defend himself long enough for other squads to support him or to jump away in order to shoot once more. He provides buffs to nearby units as well as fire support with his various weapons and some of the deadliest anti-vehicle tools on a commander unit.

Gue'La Squad

A squad of human auxiliaries fighting for the Greater Good, they are still equipped with their old flak armour and lasguns but can be upgraded to be led by a Fire Warrior and equip pulse rifles to fight against their foes with much better effectiveness, they are significantly squishier than Imperial Guardsmen by nature of losing their fanaticism, but they can be deployed with incredibly deadly weapon once pulse rifles are available, easily outgunning any imperial squad once properly kitted out.

Fire Warrior Squad

A squad of fire warriors, armed with pulse rifles and the will of the Ethereals, they can engage at extreme range and unleash incredibly deadly firepower but lack durability and melee prowess of any kind, they serve best as back line units, sniping from afar to tear apart even Astartes with ease. They can be upgraded with a squad leader to unlock plasma grenades.

Kroot Squad

Fast moving melee disruption units, used to scout and engage units in melee to allow fire warriors to effectively engage their foe without fear of retaliation.


A lightly armoured transport vehicle designed to ferry Fire Warriors into battle before accelerating ahead to draw fire and spot enemy units for the Fire Warriors.

Stealthsuit Squad

Akin to fire warriors but armed with the XV-25 Stealth Suit, these warriors can cloak across the battlefield before getting into prime ambush positions, waiting for the perfect moment to engage and obliterate the enemy, coming with the Pulse Rifle they carry the same effective firepower as their comrades but with added mobility and stealth options.

Gundrone Squad

Drones with twin pulse rifles mounted beneath, they are capable of putting down a withering barrage of fire capable of peeling apart squads or suppressing enemy infantry with ease, they do however suffer from suppression as a result of the Tau Empire's belief in AI having rights and being individuals, thus the AI of the drone will seek cover and, if suppressed, be unable to return fire properly as it will not risk itself needlessly.

Skyray Missile Gunship

An absolutely devastating vehicle against both infantry and armour, capable of firing missiles at long range and striking from afar with a deadly barrage, this vehicle is capable of near cross-map artillery fire and provides deadly options for the Tau Empire to soften up a defensive position before advancing.

Hammerhead Gunship

An incredibly squishy armoured vehicle, it is capable of sustaining some fire but will fall even to medium armoured tanks in a slugging match without use of the railgun, the railgun it carries is capable of obliterating entire squads with a single well-placed shot and can pierce even the frontal armour of the baneblade for massive damage, it requires usage of an ability to fire the cannon but it can fire at incredible range, well beyond the fog of war, thus making it a vehicle that benefits greatly from forward spotters.

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