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There are a number of Soulstorm race modifications available on Moddb, so I've put together a quick guide of the available ones, as well as the Unification Project which looks to combine them all...Have you played them all?

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Welcome to this guide to Dawn of War : Soulstorm mods!

Team Thudmeiser have been involved in the majority of the race mods output in some shape or form and we are very proud of what we have accomplished. The Unification mod is a project that will allow all race mods to be combined into one single mod and play seamlessly together into the ultimate, albeit perhaps not so apocalyptic Warhammer 40,000 RTS.

First there are some utility mods that are required to get these running.

The project to combine all other projects. This page has instructions on how to alter you module file to combine races that you have installed. It also has links to the other required mods, Free UI and bugfix

Free UI
A project that allows modders to do crazy things with the UI, included on the Unification page.

Objective Points
This project partially supports all of the mods and allows most races to have unique banner flags. It sadly stopped being supported with newer races, but there's always hope!

Now onto the race mods:



A special cadre of Eldar who dress as clowns as dance a deadly dance of death, so expect lots of bright colours as they specialise in holograms and trickery. Melee and movement specialists in their holographic suits, but very much glass cannons - whilst hard to hit, it hurts a lot if they are hit.

Imperial Guard

Praetorian Guard

A loved but under represented Imperial Guard regiment who wear Pith helmets. Specialising in artillery they keep the enemy at a distance, but they are quire prepared to pay Orks to help them out with melee combat.

Steel Legion Imperial Guard

An original mod that was developed prior to Relic developing the Imperial Guard, this mod is very much about the legions from Armageddon and features a more classic selection of units. Mobile field cannons, horse cavalry and a famous Commissar all feature in this mod.

Vostroyan Firstborn Imperial Guard

The vostroyans work closely with the Adeptus Mechanicus to produce weapons for the Imperium. During the Horus Heresy they did not join the fight, arguing they were better utilised making weapons. To attone for this they now send their firstborn to war.


Adeptus Mechanicus Explorators.

The Adeptus Mechanicus believe that the machine God is the true God. They value machines over flesh and scour the galaxy looking for new technology. In this mod they rely heavily on machines to do the fighting whilst they power up their roving base.

Witch Hunters - Adeptus Sororitas

A very famous mod indeed. With easily the best graphics in any mod for Soulstorm, this starts with those lowly space police the Adeptus Arbites and if things get out of hand, they can then call for the might of the Inquisition or the Canoness and her Battle Sisters.

Inquisition Daemonhunt

When there is chaos to be purged, send in the Inquisition! Starting with the Inquisitor and his retinue in their quest to scourge the foul forces, when it gets too much they can call in the legendary Grey Knights! The inquisition rely on abilities to hold off the enemy.

Space Marines

Dark Angels

The first chapter of Space Marines. This mod brings the whole Dark Angel chapter to the battlefield where you can pick one of three tech trees to bring the Ravenwing, Deathwing or battle company to the fight.

Legion of the Damned

The Firehawks Space Marine chapter disappeared in the warp, presumed dead. Since then there have been rumours of ghostly burning space marines who appear when times are bleak, dominate the battlefield and then slip away into the void. With a unique hitpoint based economy, the Emperor's Daemons are here!

Salamanders Space Marines

Hailing from a high gravity nocturnal planet, the Salamanders are bigger than regular Space Marines, but slightly sluggish. They are warrior blacksmiths who worship a cult of fire, so expect a lot of hammers and fire - look out for the their Librarian who has a whole array of powers that set himself on fire...oh and look out for giant Salamanders.

Blood Angels Space Marines

The Blood Angels are, if we are honest, ever so slightly vampiric. These loyal warriors have a flawed gene and can get lost in the maelstrom of battle in a red thirst. If they cannot withstand the call, they go mad and become part of the infamous Death Company. Featuring a line up of the Blood Angels greatest heroes, this beautiful mod will encourage you to be a bit wary around melee combat as whilst it empowers your troops, it is hard to get them out again.

Black Templars Space Marines

A very accomplished mod featuring the somewhat unorthodox Black Templars. Featuring their own crusade style armour and their own crusader tactics, the Black Templars are very much fans of getting in a melee. Pick a tactical doctrine and lead your champions to battle!

Space Wolves

The wolves of Fenris are feral, brave warriors with powerful noses and a wild fighting style and this mod adds them to the game.

Forces of Chaos

Chaos Daemons

The forces of chaos unleashed! Pick one of 5 tech trees for each of the four chaos Gods or undivided loyalty and then burn the galaxy to ashes with a massive range of diabolocal beasties, just ensure to expand slowly as Daemons are not used to being in the mortal realm.

Chaos Renegades

When the Imperial Guard fall to chaos, they become renegades. Whilst having naturally similar technology and style to their loyalist brethren they feature daemon engines and mutants to get up close and personal.

Thousand Sons Chaos Space Marines

A fallen chapter who have become inherently psychic over the years so expect lots of spells. Owing to a spell gone wrong, a lot of their troops are empty suits of armour - also this mod features a customisable class system for your hero to add a light RPG element

Khorne World Eaters

Chaos Marines dedicated to Khorne, the god of BLOOD and SLAUGHTER! A unique economy means that you are rewarded for being in melee, which Khorne would approve of.

Night Lords

A chaos space marine chapter who don't realy on daemons?! Night Lords believe in just using the foulest, most terrifying tactics on the battlefield. Expect lots of infiltration and morale damage - These marines are not chaotic, just evil!



The shadow in the warp consumes all. The tyranids are a race of swarming intergalactic predators that rely on a variety of different sized organisms from tiny to giant to devour living worlds whole.

Maybe more to come...


Who created this relic? Whoever you are, this is very nice of you. I hope it gets noticed by hundreds and thousands as this looks to be an excellent source of all race mods.

Bless you sir.

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Hey Lord Cylarne would I have to uninstall or deactivate ultimate apocalypse to use these above races?

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This was very much needed. Thank you so much.

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Well i thought i was signed in but i'm the Guest comment.

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Nice, a more modern listing of things. Nice and orderly, though coulda swore there was some more. Maybe.

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fuggles2k Author

I have not counted any abandoned early stage ones.

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Ah. A wise decision! This means these are the top dogs with the most finished assets then! :D

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Thank you Captain-brothers.
Ah, 19 mod factions and races.
We need 20th one to have an equal number of it :D
Some Primaris blueberries and new deamons out of cicatrix maledictum xD
I would wish for Death Corps of Krieg to have their own mod.
Captain-brother JONES1979 no longer does objective points?
Left out are Ordo Xenos Deathwatch Xenos Alien Hunters xD
IG His Righteous mod and Eldar Craftworlds.
Emperor protects

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fuggles2k Author

There is slim hope of Craftworlds and Tau Enclaves. Grey Knights are coming as part of the Inquisition. Xenos DW and AH are dead, think HRM is dead too, but not 100% on that one - There were real questions as to what they would add and how they would play.

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Tau Enclaves? Wow.
The asian transfer student Commander Carfreight with his age-sucking demon sword would be nice.
And Kroots with Vespids deserve their own faction.

Wonder if those "dow III mod tools" will amount to something.
Like adding chaos,imperial guard,necrons and tau atleast, maybe,dear sega and steam..

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Very good selection thanks you, I have to install it again since a long time since playing dawn of war 1, which is the best

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Thank you for the list.

Tyranids and Khorne Berserkers mods always give off fatal SCAR errors when I start them in Unification mod. Any info/support is appreciated.

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Tyranids and RAGE public versions are now a bit behind the Unification mod, more specifically the FreeUI mod which gives specific profiles for them in the taskbar.

At the present moment it's better not to use them until either further support or further updates on the mods themselves. Of course the stand-alone versions should work if you keep the FreeUI version which was recommended to use when they were released. It's something...

Since the mods can still come from different sources (why don't you people start making new ones? D: ), adapting them it is not a single step process but one made at different velocities.

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fuggles2k Author

To expand, we area aware of issues and are dealing as they are identified.

I know there is an issue with night lords and space wolves having a UCS clash. Space Wolves 0.63 comes with 5 UCS files from the DC expanded mod, which has many hundreds of entries covering every new unit from every new race. The SW mod picks and chooses lines from each of these UCS so I cannot simply fix this through Night Lords. I have got patch for NL, which should add full stronghold compatibility and reduce the clash with SW, but to fix this fully we now need to look at SW and patch this. We've never looked at SW so we are considering what needs fixing whilst we are there.

We are aware of the issues with Rage and Tyranids. The new version of tyranids is hopefully impending as there is a solid beta on the internal forums - this is compatible with unification. A solution to Rage compatibility is being worked on.

There's very few of us trying to work through and patch most of the mods above before we sign off. Renegades is taking a lot of my time, as is Inquisition. Others such as Vostroyans will be much smaller patches and some such as Praetorians are middling as new content is being worked on.

So, rest assured the few of us are working on a lot. If people identify problems we will fix them as and when we can.

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Hi anyone know were can I find a race unlocker for Soulstorm???
Please share a link if any of you know..Thanks.

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fuggles2k Author

I need to update this soon!

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Hey can this mod compatible with white scars mod?

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fuggles2k Author

Not sure, that was a very unfinished mod. It may get revisited, but we need a modeller to make more bikers really.

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