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Here you'll get an overview of bugs, issues and glitches known or reported so far. Feel free to post your findings in the comments, email or PM me. I will check them and if they are relevant, they'll be added to this list. You'll be credited for this. New issues will be highlighted in black, the rest in gray. Have a look in here from time to time.

When reporting bugs, please make sure you submit all the required information, i.e. if you noticed it in Skirmish or Multiplayer, the chosen map and game settings, Soviet Commander, the wave and so on. Sometimes a screenshot in addition is a good idea. Also, is the issue reproducible or does it happen randomly? You don't need to post all of these information if it's more a general issue. Decide which information could be useful or not.

Thanks for your support :)

Critical Bugs (which may cause game crashes or other severe problems)

  1. Skirmish mode bug, which does not allow you to make any setup in Skirmish mode. This is, however, no mod bug but an issue nonetheless and explained more in detail HERE
    (credits to GriffinZ who reminded me of this one)
  2. The game crashes shortly after the Defeat window pops up (tested in Skirmish only) -- please quit before this can happen for now.

Design issues

  1. The Soviets are displayed thrice in the faction list since it's buggy to remove factions completely in conjunction with random factions, but don't worry, you can use any of them
  2. Towers with togglable abilities always start with their default mode when they ranked up
  3. Tesla weapons charging up a tesla tower will stop doing so as soon as the charged tower ranks up
  4. Creeps sometimes perform weird movements when using their abilities due to horrible pathfinding
  5. Bounty Hunter ability (Rank Commander) won't affect towers within the Tower Control's bounty range
  6. When you already reached the build (energy) limit and you build a new tower you cannot sell exactly this tower with the Sell Tower command as soon as you are on low power. This does not apply for superweapons and the Tech Crane.
  7. Repair Drones of the Tech Crane do not spawn in Tutorial mode
  8. A L5 Triple Threat deals way more damage in secondary mode but originally should deal less
  9. Repair Drones of the Tech Crane do not re-spawn after the Crane has been affected by EMP or low power (reported by Wicky747)
  10. V4 rockets randomly deal no damage even if they hit victims exactly (reported by Wicky747)

Balance or map-specific issues

  1. Magnetic Mines, toxic fields and Vacuum Bomb do not kill Creeps that are critically damaged (this is a temporary bugfix since these weapons ignore bounty for the kill)
  2. The overall difficulty is still too hard, especially when playing alone

Art issues & glitches

  1. Tesla weapons do sometimes cause art glitches when being charged up by others. Try to force-fire or give them a new order - this often helped to solve it
  2. Schnitzel and Schnitzel Supreme (aka Tesla Turret) do not show up their coils since they reached Rank 5; originally they should get bigger ones (reported by Huhnu)
  3. Some counter strings are hidden by the Protocol Button if there are too many. This usually appears with low resolution but also with higher ones? Not sure, if this can be fixed! (reported by BigDaddy0121)
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