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Vikestart answers a few more common questions + questions asked by the community =)

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Questions & Answers | Round 2

We are taking suggestions and answers. If you have something on your mind, please post it here as a comment and we will check it out! =)

Question 1 | Submitted by Tehpvis

Q: Will Yuri's Magnetron make a return in Resurrection?
A: Sort of. Yuri will have a vehicle that is very much like the Magnetron. More details about this later on
. ;)

Question 2 | Submitted by PantraX

Q: When will the beta version be able for testing?
A: That's very difficult to say. It all depends on when EA releases the Mod SDK. Without it, we're not able to start our programming in advanced stages.

Question 3 | Submitted by Y2Tom

Q: Are you going to make a German translation?
A: We don't know yet, but that's a huge possibility. If this mod will ever have multiple languages, German will be one of the first ones in the spotlight.

Question 4

Q: Will you add more colors to the multiplayer/skirmish?
A: Yes, black will be making its way into skirmish and multiplayer. 99,88% sure about that. =)

Question 5

Q: Are you going to change the UI in this mod?
A: Yes, we are going to add at least 3 new spaces to all the UI which makes them have 12 spaces instead of 9.... Just like Uprising so we can have free space for a bunch of new units for ya! =)

Question 6

Q: Will we see any differences regarding the main menu's design lol?
A: Yes, a new style + new menu soundtracks will be added to give you the scary feeling of that the things you will be seeing is different from what it really was. You will clearly see that this isn't Red Alert 3 vanilla when launching the mod.

Question 7

Q: So..... Nukes and Prism Tech aren't making a return in this mod, or?
A: No, nukes and prism tech are still gone and won't ever make a return.

Question 8

Q: Regarding the campaign; can you give us a bit more details?
A: The campaign won't be in the traditonal style where the faction in the storyline you're playing always win all of the battles. In this new featured campaign, you will jump from faction to faction in a big single storyline. Of course, you won't switch faction for each mission, but instead having like 3-5 missions in a row for one faction and then switching to a new one. Also we will have over 50 missions which gives a lot of space for ideas and world travelling. You won't be jumping around the world like in RA3 vanilla, but instead fighting your way trought the path to victory. Who will be victorious at the end?

Question 9

Q: Will the Desolator have its RAD gun back like it had in Red Alert 2?
A: Yes, it will. =)

Question 10

Q: What's up with the mod's homepage?
A: The homepage isn't really finished yet. Vikestart is re-designing it and is trying to make it as best as possible. As soon as it get finished, we will have it launched. ;)


good =)
I'd like to give some suggestions and ideas for the federation/italian faction

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Will the Germans speak german or english?

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