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Render commands

r_imageAutoBump - enable realtime normal map generation for old low-res textures
r_imageAutoBumpScale - normal map depth scale for old low-res textures
r_imageAutoSpecularScale - specular scale for old low-res textures
r_textureColorScale - textures color multipler
r_textureCompression - enable BPTC texture compression
r_maxTextureSize - max texture size [0 = unlimited]
r_anisotropic - texture anisotropy level
r_causticIntens - underwater caustic intensity

r_screenShot - screenshot type - tga, jpg, png, tif, bmp, pcx
r_screenShotJpegQuality - jpg quality [1-99]
r_screenShotGamma - screenshot gamma
r_screenShotContrast - screenshot contrast

r_playerShadow - draw player shadow

r_multiSamples - enable multisample antialiasting (MSAA) [2-4-8-16-32]
r_fxaa - enable FXAA 3.11 antialiasting

r_drawFlares - draw light corona
r_scaleAutoLightColor - scale light surf color (use with command)
r_lightWeldThreshold - Merge closely located lights (use with command)

r_displayRefresh - override display refresh
r_customWidth - custom screen width (set r_mode 16)
r_customHeight - custom screen height (set r_mode 16)
r_vsync - use vertical synchronization [1 = default, 2 = adaptive]
vid_BorderlessWindow - borderless window style
vid_monitor - monitor ID for run

r_lightmapScale - ambient scale
r_useLightScissors - use scissor test for light
r_useDepthBounds - use depth bounds test for lights
r_specularScale - specular scale
r_ambientSpecularScale - radiosity specular scale
r_useRadiosityBump - use precalculated normalmaps for ambient pass (delux mapping)
r_zNear - near clip value (frustum planes)
r_zFar - far clip value (frustum planes)
r_tbnSmoothAngle - tangent space smooth angle

hunk_bsp - memory allocation for level
hunk_model - memory allocation for alias models
hunk_sprite - memory allocation for sprites

r_reliefMapping - enable relief mapping
r_reliefScale - relief mapping depth

r_hudLighting - scale 2d lighting intensity
r_bump2D - enable 2d lighting

r_bloom - draw bloom effect
r_bloomThreshold - cutoff color value
r_bloomIntens - bloom intensity
r_bloomWidth - bloom star size

r_ssao - draw Screen Space Ambient Occlusion effect
r_ssaoIntensity - ssao intensity
r_ssaoScale - ssao scale
r_ssaoBlur - num ssao blur passes

r_dof - draw Depth Of Field effect
r_dofBias - dof blur scale
r_dofFocus - dof focus distanse [0 = use auto focus]

r_motionBlur - draw motion blur effect
r_motionBlurSamples - num blur samples
r_motionBlurFrameLerp - interpolate blur frames

r_radialBlur - draw radial blur effect
r_radialBlurFov - fov value to force radial blur

r_filmFilterType - draw old film effect [1 = techniColor sys1, 2 = techniColor sys3, 3 = sepia]
r_filmFilterNoiseIntens - noise intensity
r_filmFilterScratchIntens - scratch intensity
r_filmFilterVignetIntens - vignet size

r_fixFovStrength - fix perspective for hi fov values (110 degree or more) [0.0 = no hi-fov perspective correction]
r_fixFovDistroctionRatio - perspective distroction ratio [0.0 = cylindrical distortion ratio. 1.0 = spherical]

r_brightness - screen brightness
r_contrast; - screen contrast
r_saturation - screen saturation
r_gamma - screen gamma

r_lightEditor - enable light editor [see light editor commands description]
r_cameraSpaceLightMove - move selected light in camera space [light editor]

Client commands

cl_drawTime - show system time/date
cl_drawFPS - show fps
cl_brass - force of shell brass
cl_3dhud - draw models in hud
cl_hudScale - hud scale
cl_hudModelScale - scale models in hud
cl_railcore_red - rail core red component value
cl_railcore_green - rail core green component value
cl_railcore_blue - rail core blue component value
cl_railspiral_red - rail spiral red component value
cl_railspiral_green - rail spiral green component value
cl_railspiral_blue - rail spiral blue component value
cl_decals - draw decals
net_compatibility - use old net protocol
cl_drawhud - draw in game hud
cl_thirdPerson - enable third person view
cl_thirdPersonAngle - third person camera angle
cl_thirdPersonRange - third person camera distance
cl_blood - draw blood
cl_itemsBobbing - use q3 items style bobbing
zoomfov - fov value for zoom

Sound commands

s_musicsrc - music source [none/cd-rom/soundtracks/any]
s_musicrandom - play random music tracks
s_openal_efx - use EFX reverberation
s_openal_device - opeanAL render device
s_quality - sound quality [default, 44100hz, 48000hz, 88200hz, 96000hz, 176400hz, 192000hz]
s_distance_model - distance attenuation model
s_dynamicReverberation - auto detect room size for dynamic reverberation effect

Server commands

weaponHitAccuracy - enable weapon hit accuracy
sv_stopClock - stop all game timers
g_monsterRespawn - nightmare monsters reborn intens
relightmap - load map and generate light from lighting surfaces

xInput commands

in_useXInput - use xinput controller
x360_useControllerID - controller ID
x360_sensX - x axis stick sensity
x360_sensY - y axis stick sensity
x360_pitchInversion - stick up-down invert
x360_swapSticks - swap sticks
x360_swapTriggers - swap low triggers
x360_deadZone - size of areas at the center of stiks that count as zero
x360_triggerTreshold - level of operation of the lower sticks
x360_vibration - use controller vibration

Different commands

gpuInfo - print video adapter information [gpu temperature, fan speed, clocks, activity]
r_meminfo - print video memory info
openglInfo - print openGL extension string


Is there a command to disable the green shield that covers my weapons when God Mode is enabled?

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KirkBarnes Author

it does not turn off

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