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The idea behind PUSH is movement first, fighting and shooting second. Action isn't found through how many guys you can take out on your own, but rather what you can accomplish as a team. You win as a team, or lose as an individual.

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Unarmed Combat :: Unarmed combat is used to refer to what you can do to 'fight' other players when you do not have a weapon, or when weapons are disabled. There are currently two abilities planned for unarmed combat, and those are the Slide Tackle and Shove. Slide tackling is accomplished by gaining enough momentum to trip a running opponent by sliding into them. It can be avoided simply by jumping. Shoving can be done standing still or running. If you 'shove' another player, you cause them to stumble, efficiently lowering their momentum.

Weaponry :: Weaponry in PUSH is limited to only the most basic of weapons. We'll have more for you on that later in development.

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