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King's Conflict has just been augmented with new cards that let you pull more cards from the pack, providing even more strategic possibilities.

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Version 0.202 is now out, bringing the first new cards I've added for a while.

Sometimes you will find you simply run out of cards and hence servants, as you only pull one from the deck each turn. Each king already has a mechanism to pull more: the Warrior King has Sword of Wisdom, the Mage King has the Wise Hermit, and the Rich King has agents and Spy. None of these are particularly reliable though, and I've felt for a while that there needed to be a way to use excess gold to bring cards and especially servants into play .The new 'pulling cards' are designed to fill this hole. There are four, and all are available to all kings.

(Graphics are placeholders until I can get hold of something better!).

A common card, so you can have three in your deck if you want them. This is the most straightforward and cheapest pulling card. Choose an attack type by playing it on any unit (servant, structure or king - yours or the enemy's) and it will draw the first available servant of that type from your deck. If there isn't one, you get the top card from the deck instead. This is a simple way and cheap way to provide you with a means of tailoring the army in your hand to your needs, but as you are exchanging one card for another you won't be pulling through the deck any faster.

A rare card, so you can include two. This is similar to call to arms, but gets you two cards rather than one from the deck. This time the attack type you get is anything EXCEPT the one you play it on - so play it on a melee servant for instance to guarantee that you will pick up charge, ranged or magic cards. Note that this gets units not servants, so it may draw structures for you. Again, if there is nothing available you get the top cards, so you will always be exchanging one card for two as long as you have at least two cards in the deck.

An epic card - you can only have one of these in your deck. This is much more powerful, drawing you four cards, one of each attack type. Notice that it draws them from the opponents pack if you don't have any of a particular type, so if used late in the game can steal valuable card power from your opponent. It generates an instant army for you, though of course you'd better have a lot of gold to play them - you've just blown 40 using it!

Another epic card - you can only have one of these in your deck as well. This is probably the most powerful of all the pulling cards. While it only pulls one card from your deck (the top one - no selection this time) it's reusable - you can play it more than once on one turn if you have enough gold! The damage to your king is not necessarily a serious problem, particularly if you have priests to heal him. If your income is high, this card can be a very effective way to get ahead in the game.

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