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Discusses development in early beta of V3.4. Subject to change but overall seems to be the main game plan.

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New Features:
*Add in medkits, different for each team
*Add in ammoboxes, different for each team
*Stop enemies from regaining health from enemy medkits
*Stop enemies from rearming from enemy ammoboxes
*Big grenade class
*Give allies HE grenade and axis six pack stick grenade
*Stop mod from making people unknown soldier sometimes

Ditched or Changed:
*Removed Taunts
*REMOVED: Gore Mod
*REMOVED: Torr3 Mobile MG34
*ADDED: Torr3 Mobile MG42
*ADDED: Make a payload artillery, with napalm strike feature?
*DITCHED: Disable ambient mortars
*FIXED: Adjusted Mine range so they go off on stairs
*FIXED: Character GSC issues for German Afrika and Russians
*CHANGED: All classes now can plant landmine with V + V
*CHANGED: Medic can drop Medkit with V + A
*CHANGED: Support can rearm ammo with V + A
*CHANGED: Medic can drop Healpacks with V + M
*CHANGED: Support can drop ammobox with V + M
*CHANGED: Engineers/Officers have 80% defuse chance, while others are 60%
*CHANGED: Obituary system displays minimal text and no taunts

Features mid Beta or later:
*eXtreme+ Map rotation and End Map goodies to allow mod to detect new gametypes
*Unknown Solider punishments and renaming
*Anti-Camp system with punishments from eXtreme+
*Body Sink (Remove dead players)
*Turret cool down from eXtreme+
*Weapon zoom from eXtreme+
*New class: Warlord?
*Give Officers (formerly Engineers) some Officer hats?
*Power CTF by Tally

Warlord Class:
Given assault rifle as secondary and choice of ether smg or bolt rifle or semi rifle.
Given 1 landmine
Given 1 TNT (Buttons V + A)
Given 1 Smoke grenade
Given team specific names. American = Marines/Rangers, German = Waffen SS, Russian = Conscripts
Need to come up with better name for Russian Warlord.

Gametypes (proposed list):
*Likely: dm, tdm, hq, sd, ctf (pctf), lts, htf
*Maybe: warzone, ft (freeze tag), and ihtf
*Make own gametype? (unlikely but not ruling out yet)

Might have two branches of Merciless Mod 2, if there is an interest in people running servers with the whole gore mod.

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