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Here is the list of features in Project Warzone at this point in development.

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  • UAV/Minimap to track teammates and enemies.
  • Mystery Box that contains "rewards" and "curses".
  • No holds barred singleplayer gameplay with bots.
  • A "Latest News" section to keep you up to date with updates on the mod and to notify you when updates are available. This is done automatically.
  • Occasional "Fun Events" playlists which include alterations to gameplay such as "Torque Bow Tag" where everyone has Torque Bows and the player will have to savage off of Bow ammo.
  • Various playlists with different gamemodes that offer different variety to gameplay
  • PWBinaries that automatically update the mod when an update is available, only content which you have downloaded is updated.
  • At PW Full launch, 3 main playlists will be available. Team Deathmatch, One Man and Guardian all offer different types of gameplay.
  • A ribbon and medal system which awards you with a ribbon or medal for completing challenges or killing with a certain weapon and various other things.
  • Optional downloadable character packs to add some flavour to your PW experience. Download these packs from the PW Content Manager.
  • Map Packs downloadable from the PW Content Manager
  • Server-side changes to configuration. Changes in these configurations can include weapon changes, health changes, spawn protection changes, goal score changes and many more without the need to roll out an update. These changes apply the minute you start up Gears of War just like you would normally launch it without any interuptions.
  • A changelog is available in the Main Menu which informs you about Mandatory Update changes & bugfixes and server-side changes & fixes.
  • A Map Selection UI which shows a screenshot of the map, author of the map and name without the need to enter several console commands.
  • Don't have maps or content and select that content? That's fine, you won't be stuck in a screen and instead the mod will throw an error informing you that you don't have the content pack.
  • Torque Bow has the ability to headshot enemies

Awaiting the BETA stage impatiently.

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